Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service Schedule

Laundry: Monday – Friday 0700 – 1530
Dry Cleaning: Monday – Friday 0600 - 1430
Uniform Room: Monday – Thursday 0700 – 1530 (Closed 1030 – 1100)
Friday 0700 -1630 (Closed 1030 – 1100)

VMI ID Required to Pick up Bags / Uniforms

Laundry Throw Out: End of 3rd Barracks

Bags: Monday 0630 - 0730
Bags not thrown out on truck can be taken to the 100 level of Richardson Hall asap/no later than 1430 Tuesday. Bags thrown out later will be processed the following week.

White shirts, ducks, trousers : Monday and Thursday 0630 – 0730, 3rd Barracks

Wool Uniform Throw Out:
Woolies & Black Shirts : Monday 0630 -0730, 3rd Barracks

Coatee, Blouse, Overcoat, Duty Jacket : Must be taken to appropriate bin in breezeway
outside of uniform pick up room. Wool pants may also be placed in these bins.

Laundry Pick Up:

Bags: Friday 1100-1630, Monday 0700-1530
Bags are located under your laundry #, 1501-1800 is located on the 200 level

Uniform Pick Up :
Monday – Thursday 0700 – 1530 (Closed 1030 – 1100)
Friday 0700 -1630 (Closed 1030 – 1100)
Uniforms are behind your laundry # or in bins under your laundry #

All lost and found items are taken to the Laundry Office, if you have questions regarding this, please contact Beth McGrath or Jaime Ashby in the Laundry Office. If a cadet has any concerns regarding their laundry, please see Beth Mcgrath or Jaime Ashby in the Laundry Office. If office staff is unable to assist, a supervisor is available Monday through Friday 0600-1430 hours.

ACUs and Travel Suits may be turned in, in your laundry bag. Please make sure all ACUs have your laundry number displayed in them. ROTC ACUs should have your laundry # in the tag before turning in to be washed. Please take all name tags, belts and patches off your ACUs before turning in.