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Key Request Policy 

General Order 56

General Order 56 (Key Policy)
The purpose of this policy is to have a documented procedure for the inventory, issuance and return of all VMI keys to help ensure a secure Post environment. The VMI Physical Plant is responsible for the implementation of this policy and to provide documented accountability of all key transactions (e.g., issuance and return).

This policy establishes the responsibility, eligibility, and approval to possess VMI keys. It is necessary to (1) provide access to Institute properties by only authorized personnel, (2) maintain an inventory of keys issued to authorized personnel, (3) minimize master key issuance, and (4) help ensure the return of keys from persons no longer authorized to have keys. Only authorized Physical Plant personnel are permitted to view and/or retain key codes provided by the manufacturers of the key systems maintained by VMI.
By possessing a key, the key holder agrees not to compromise the security of any area or building. The following acts are prohibited:

Loaning keys Transfer of keys Unauthorized duplication of keys Altering locking mechanisms Admitting unauthorized person(s) into a building or area Failure to return a key or report lost keys

1. Key Requests: Key requests should be made by completing a "Request for Key Issuance" form available at VMI Physical Plant Office (Hinty Hall). This form is also available on-line from the VMI Physical Plant website. Department heads must sign and approve subordinate requests for key issuance.
It is the responsibility of the requestor to ensure that the original form is submitted to VMI Physical Plant Customer Service. Copies, faxes, or scanned documents will not be accepted. All key requests are kept on file and are considered to be confidential. Please call VMI Physical Plant Customer Service at extension 7357 during normal business hours for assistance.
2. Issuance of Keys: Key requestors will be notified via email that the key is available for pick-up at the VMI Physical Plant Customer Service counter. Individuals must appear in person with a valid VMI ID card to sign for their key. The key will only be released to the person on the key request form. For the convenience of faculty and staff, and if requested in advance, keys may also be picked up at the Comptroller’s Office in Smith Hall.
GENERAL ORDER NUMBER 56, 10 June 2009, Page Two
3. Lost Keys: If a key is lost, the key holder should immediately notify the VMI Physical Plant Customer Service Department. A new request for a replacement key must be submitted on a "Request for Key Issuance" form. Key replacement and/or lock re-keying costs will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the Deputy Superintendent for Finance, Administration and Support.
4. Office/Building Transfer of Employees: Individuals moving to another office/building must return all respective office keys to their Department Head or to the VMI Physical Plant Customer Service Department within twenty-four (24) hours of transferring offices or buildings.
5. Termination of Employment: All faculty and staff voluntarily terminating employment must return all keys to their Department Head or to the VMI Physical Plant Customer Service Department prior to their departure.
When an employee is involuntarily terminated, the Department Head will be responsible for obtaining all issued keys and will turn the keys over to the VMI Physical Plant Customer Service Department.
6. Vendor and Contractors: Key requests should be made by completing a "Request for Key Issuance" form. The department head having oversight of the vendor or contractor must sign and approve the request for key issuance. The applicable program head should also endorse the request. VMI Physical Plant is the only office authorized to issue keys to outside vendors or contractors.
7. Barracks Keys: The Commandant of Cadets or his designees are responsible for requesting, issuing and returning keys to areas within Barracks.