World War II Pacific Islands Inspection Reports
Gen. William P. Upshur

About Major General Upshur
William P. Upshur war born on October 28, 1881 in Richmond, Virginia and graduated from the Virginia Military Institute in 1902.  He commissioned in the United States Marine Corps in 1904 and went on to have a distinguished career.  He was awarded the Medal of Honor for conspicous gallantry displayed in the capture of Fort Dipite, Haiti, in 1915.  He died in a plane crash on July 21, 1943, near Sitka, Alaska, while on a tour of his command.

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The collection consists of  two inspection trip scrapbooks, May 1942 and 1943  ("The Cruise of the Flying Cow"; "The Coconut Circuit"), documenting General Upshur's visits to Marine Corps posts on various Pacific islands. Destinations included Midway, Palmyra Island,  Ewa, and Johnston Island.  

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