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VMI Barracks Program

Support the First Class Campaign

The VMI Barracks Program’s purpose is to introduce, educate, and develop in cadets an appreciation for the trait of VMI alumni to give back to the Institute. It aims to instill within each class a habit of philanthropic giving by introducing uniquely developed programs throughout their cadetship. 

 If you are a 3rd Classman looking for ring support, click here. 

The Barracks Program is about increasing cadets’ knowledge of what private support does for them, building in them an appreciation of those alumni who so generously support VMI and the Corps, and constructing a willingness in cadets to emulate alumni by encouraging them to develop a habit of giving back to VMI.

When the Rats of a new class return to their rooms in Barracks following Breakout, each of them find a coffee mug with the words “Virginia Military Institute/20_ _” on the front, and on the back, the symbol of the VMI Foundation and the words “Breakout 20_ _”.  Accompanying the mug is a note card on which is a congratulatory message from Brian Crockett, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the VMI Foundation.

The presentation of a mug and a note to newly formed classes has been the custom of the VMI Foundation since February 2001 when they were given to the Class of 2004. However, since last year, this presentation has been an integral part of the VMI Foundation’s Barracks Program.

In the past, the emphasis had been limited to the mug presentation, a gift to the third class to assist with Ring Figure, and $100 to second class cadets to help them pay for their class rings.

In an effort to continue this tradition, the VMI Foundation encourages the rising first class leaders to take charge and establish a campaign that stimulates the class to consider the impact VMI has had on them and, in turn, consider a modest commitment back to VMI over a period of three years following graduation.

The focus of this assistance is not just on the monetary value of the gift, but on ensuring that cadets understand that they share a stronger bond with alumni than many of them previously thought. The alumni give to VMI in order to support cadets and to ensure that the Corps has opportunities that some of them never imagined.