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Commandant's Office
Virginia Military Institute
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Regimental Band

Band Company is one of ten companies which make up the Corps of Cadets.

Rank structure, academic major, class structure, and athletic structure is identical to the rest of the Corps at large and any cadet is welcome to participate in the Band. Band Company cadets participate in NCAA sports, intramurals, and Rat Training, as well as guard and company functions.

Members of the Company pride themselves as Cadets who provide a critical need for the Corps in the performance of music for parades, ceremonies and sporting events at the Institute. All trips outside VMI are funded by the Institute and instruments are provided to the cadets by the school. Selection for participation is through interview and audition. 

 audio Salute to America's Finest: Songs of the US Armed Forces   

Cabell-Breckinridge Brass

Started in 2000, this unique organization brings together reproduction brass instruments from the Civil War era. They include bass, tenor, and alto horns, b-flat and e-flat cornets. They play 19th-century brass band music.

The Cabell-Breckinridge Brass ensemble has traveled to areas of Virginia to play at various functions.


Cadet Buglers
For over 150 years, the VMI buglers have been a crucial part of the Institute. They announce oncoming formations, play Reveille for the beginning of the military day and raising the colors, "Retreat" and "To the Colors" to announce the end of the military duty day and lower the flags, and finally at CQRB and Taps.

Their role is of utmost importance to the Institute by keeping cadets informed of formation and class period beginnings and endings.
Commanders Jazz Ensemble
The VMI "Commanders" were first formed as the "Ramblin' Keydets" in 1917, and since then they have provided music for dances and social events at VMI and throughout Virginia. The big band, styled after Glenn Miller's Band from the 1940s swing era, consists of 17 cadets at the "I" and a vocalist.

The ensemble has over 80 tunes in its book and is available to perform for two- to three-hour dances. Sponsored by Mr. Bill Phillips '47 and Buck Cavedo '47, the unit has grown musically, and now has an increased library of music and big band styled music stands. Members are selected by audition from all classes and majors. The cadets have been playing jazz music for 90 years on and off Post at dances at colleges and concerts, and each year the band plays for the VMI Ring Figure formal.

Most recently the band has played in Paris, France [March 2006], at the U.S. Ambassador's residence and at the Ecole Polytechnique.

Live Commanders recordings are available for sale by contacting Col. Brodie - CDs are $15.
Concert Band
The Concert Band rehearses weekly throughout the year and is awarded academic credit. The band combines with the Washington and Lee University Wind Ensemble each spring and performs several concerts per year.
Drummers & Herald Trumpets

Listen: Band Star Spangled Banner

Listen: Band Doxology

The Herald Trumpets were founded in 1976 and march in the Regimental Band for special occasions, in addition to performing at prestigious locations. Recently the unit performed at the Homestead and Greenbriar resorts and Constitution Hall in Washington D.C., and last year the group performed in New York City, at the public library.

With magnificent fanfares and patriotic music the Herald Trumpets add a splash of color and pageantry to the Regimental Band. Comprised of seven Cadets, the Herald Trumpets can be spotted leading the Corps on march down before Saturday football games including solo performances of the National Anthem and the VMI Spirit before and after VMI home games, respectively.

The VMI Drummers perform each day to march the Corps to chow hall formations. This drum and bugle corps style drumline consists of 7 snares, 2 quads, 4 tonal basses, 2 sets of bells and cymbals. The VMI drum line is led by Cadet Nicholas Dreybus '15 and writes its own cadences. The drum line also performs a Corps-styled drum feature at halftime shows and other events. The line is essential to the mission of the band.

Institute Brass

The Institute Brass has performed at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, France (1994, 1996, and 1999), and at the Royal School of Music at Kneller Hall, London, England (2000), and in Germany.

They perform at most formal events inside and outside of VMI, including Change of Command ceremonies, Department of Defense schools, and for guest speakers.

Col. John Brodie
Director of Music
P:  (540) 464-7646

Maj. Burt Mitchell
Pipe Band Director
P:  (540) 464-7231

Glee Club Director
P:  (540) 464-7646

208 Shell Hall
Virginia Military Institute
Lexington, VA  24450
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