Undergraduate Research at VMI

The VMI Center for Undergraduate Research (VCUR) integrates student intellectual curiosity into the VMI experience. It establishes the framework in which educational development can thrive outside the classroom environment.  Academically motivated cadets work closely with faculty mentors in a unique one-on-one environment as they pursue scholarly research. A major goal of VCUR is to enhance the existing curriculum and elevate cadet standards and expectations.

VMI's Center for Undergraduate Research is an institutional member of the Council on Undergraduate Research: Learning Through Research.  VMI's  Journal of Undergraduate Research, New Horizons , has been recognized by the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) as a model publication.  The editors of VMI's New Horizons have been selected by CUR to collaborate with Oxford Brookes University to establish a framework in which peer institutions can develop similar publications that showcase student research.

The Summer UR Institute (SURI) supports VCUR's goals by providing a structured program and financial support for research projects conducted during the summer at VMI.  Cadets can live in Barracks in a more relaxed environment during the summer months, engaging in in-depth research with their faculty mentor.

Since undergraduate research plays such an important role in preparing students for their lives after college the office works closely with the Career Services and Internships office.

VMI is an Institutional Member of the Council on Undergraduate Research

V-CUR is supported in part by the Jackson-Hope Fund.