Cadet Sign In / Out
Holly Leech   
Commandant Office Manager

P:  (540) 464-7313
F: (540) 464-7748
OC: 540-464-7293 (OB 135)
Evening/Night OC:–540-464-7962 (OB 123) or 540-464-7285  (NB 496)
Guard Room:  540-464-7294 (Jackson Arch)

Commandant's Office
Virginia Military Institute
Jackson Arch, Barracks
Lexington, VA 24450

Running Club

The Running Club competes in races at many different distances, including 5k, 10k, 10 milers, and half and full marathons, during the entire academic year.   Team members train and compete to meet their personal goals, which range from modest improvements in speed and form to qualifying for the Boston Marathon in April.  The club uses group runs and workouts to build confidence and camaraderie.  The team has performed very well in local,  regional, and national races in recent years.