Welcome to VMI Education Abroad 

Study Abroad ScholarshipsEvery year, more than 100 cadets pursue an international learning experience. By combining intellectual quest with firsthand exposure to different cultural traditions, cadets gain a global perspective and acquire important life skills—critical thinking, independence, flexibility, resilience, and the ability to interact and communicate across differences.  Cadets often describe their education abroad experiences as extremely rewarding and life-changing. We invite you to take advantage of the education abroad opportunities and add an international dimension to your VMI education!

This website offers guidance and resources to help make your education abroad experience a success. Follow these steps to identify your interests and needs, take into account policies and procedures, and explore program options.

The first step in preparing to study abroad is to watch the Education Abroad Workshop. The Workshop is a 15-minute presentation (please turn on the sound on your computer). It outlines:

  • Program options available
  • Education Abroad eligibility criteria and other policies
  • Education Abroad advising process 
  • Financial aid and other sources of funding available 
  • Step-by-step instructions on completing an Education Abroad application



After you have viewed the workshop:

  • Click the Application button below. 
  • If this is your first time applying for a study abroad program, click on the button next to "I do not have log in credentials".
  • Begin setting up your VMI study abroad account.
  • Click on "Programs" in the top menu bar to search for approved programs that match your interests. 
  • When you have found a program, click on "apply now" or schedule an advising appointment with our office.
  • Be sure to complete all of the items in your application check list.

 Remember that the Office of International Programs is ready to assist you in every step of your journey.



The whole experience was great in my opinion. Granted there were some downs such as being away from home for so long and living somewhere that was entirely foreign but the good that came along far outweighed any of this to the point that it became negligible. I had never before been out of the U.S., excluding Canada, so I had not really seen any part of the world out of my backyard. Morocco was definitely a whole new land and being there allowed me to really get a taste of how people all over the world live. The language barrier was fun to work with as well as around. The whole experience was awesome in both my advancement in education as well as my life experiences.” - Connor Downs '12