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Lexington, Virginia 24450
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VMI’s faculty is the foundation of its academic excellence.

They inspire cadets to further study of and reflection on what they learn in class. They remain as well important advisors and mentors to cadets before and after graduation.

To continue in these roles, VMI’s faculty must be current with developments in their disciplines, familiar with the latest teaching methodologies, engage in meaningful scholarship, and, above all, sincerely committed to cadets’ education and welfare.

It is vital, therefore, that VMI supports faculty members as they pursue the opportunities that will make them more effective as teachers and mentors to cadets. It does so through Institute Professorships and Professorial Chairs.

Institute Professorships provide the ability to recognize and encourage outstanding achievement among VMI’s faculty. They also help the Institute effort to recruit and retain a first-rate faculty and to encourage our faculty to achieve excellence in teaching, scholarship, service, and cadet development.

An effective way to allow faculty the time they need for scholarship is to expand the number of professors through the establishment of Professorial Chairs. Besides giving faculty members the opportunity for research and publishing, these chairs increase the prestige of VMI, encourage the faculty to improve professionally, and bring to VMI professors with whom cadets are eager to study.