Web Services  

Lt. Col. Kate Crossman is the Director of Online Communications and handles web services requests as part of Communications and Marketing Office. Web services include consultation on existing departmental websites and other related web projects. If you would like help on your existing VMI departmental site, or are thinking of developing something new within the VMI framework, please contact Lt. Col. Crossman to discuss.

David Somers is the Institutional Webmaster and Administrator. As a member of Information Technology office, he administers and maintains the backend of the VMI website. If you have development concerns or requests please contact him for assistance.

Julie Sandridge is the Institutional Content Specialist. Please contact Julie if you have questions or concerns relating to the actual content the lives on your site. She also handles training for new web editors.


VMI Redesign Draft 2015

 New Homepage

 Interior Page 1

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 Interior Page 3

Landing Page

 Faculty Staff Page



Are you looking for the actual CMS to login and work on your site? Visit http://staging.vmi.edu/login  

You'll need to log in with your VMI ID.  Also, you won't have access to the system until you have been trained in the basics of the system with Julie Sandridge; after which, she will create a web editor account for you.