Assistive Technology/Accessible Texts

Students with certain disabilities improve their comprehension if they can hear the text at the same time they are looking at the printed page.  The Office of Disabilities Services can assist cadets with ordering electronic versions of their textbooks from a number of available sources.  Cadets who are registered with the Office of Disabilities Services may request electronic texts by by completing the Accessible Text Request and Accessible Text Agreement forms.  To allow adequate time to locate or produce electronic texts, requests from currently enrolled cadets must be received AT LEAST 4 weeks in advance.

ODS has purchased licenses for the Kurzweil 3000 system ( that allow cadets to hear and read text as it is highlighted.  The Kurzweil system also offers a variety of valuable learning resources. Additional technology such as DragonSpeaking ( converts speech to text thus allowing cadets to dictate information into a microphone.  This information then appears on the screen and can be edited by voice or keyboard.

Cadets  interested in these resources should contact the Office of Disabilities Services for more information.