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Housing Policy & Regulations

The following policy will govern the occupancy of VMI quarters. It applies to all fulltime VMI employees who are either Teaching and Research or Administrative and Professional Faculty (hereto after referred to as faculty), and official guests of the Institute.

Others affiliated with VMI are authorized to stay in the BOQ only on a space available basis; faculty has priority. The Director of Auxiliary Services is designated as the Housing Officer.


Post Housing is provided to faculty and guests of the Institute for the following purposes:

  1. To provide for the recruitment of faculty members relocating to the Lexington area;
  2. To serve the purposes of the Institute in having certain faculty and staff assigned by the Superintendent to designated quarters;
  3. To provide comfortable and attractive temporary accommodations for official visitors to the Institute.
  1. Superintendent’s Quarters – 412 VMI Parade – Assigned by the Board of Visitors as a condition of employment.
  2. Designated Quarters – The Superintendent may require that certain members of the faculty reside on Post. The requirement to live on Post carries with it the responsibility to be on call in quarters after regular duty hours and to be available in the event of emergencies. Faculty assigned to quarters by the Superintendent may be called upon to participate in special events and act as hosts or hostesses for entertainment of official guests of the Institute. Houses on VMI Parade will be used to fulfill these needs as a priority. The Superintendent will determine the length of occupancy in quarters.

The following positions will normally require Post housing:

  • Deputy Superintendent for Academics and Dean of the Faculty – 410 Parade
  • Commandant – 416 Parade
  • Deputy Superintendent for Administration and Finance
  • Chief of Staff – 408 Parade
  • Chaplain
  • Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Football Coach
  • Deputy Commandant
  • Institute and Sergeant Major to the Corps of Cadets
  • Assistant Commandant/Title IX Officer
  • Assistant Commandant/Cadet Government Advisor
  • McKethan Park Caretaker – Hartbarger Farm
  • New Market Battlefield Supervisor of Historic Interpretation – Bushhong House  

Individuals occupying designated positions must receive permission from the Superintendent not to live on Post.

  1. Visitors Quarters – These quarters are reserved for use by visiting scholars and distinguished guests of the Institute. All assignments to the following quarters are made by the Deputy Superintendent for Academics and Dean of Faculty. 
  • 303 B Letcher Avenue
  • 307 B Letcher Avenue
  • 304 B North Main Street
  • 306 C North Main Street   

Turman House Apartment – The Turman House Apartment (“The Scholars Quarters”) is the property of the VMI Foundation. The Dean’s Office will coordinate availability of the Turman House Apartment with the VMI Foundation. All decisions with respect to its use will ultimately be made by the VMI Foundation. The VMI Foundation will prepare a leasing agreement between the Foundation and the occupant and will clearly delineate tenant responsibilities.

  1.  VIP Quarters – The two rooms on the lower level of 303 Letcher Avenue and the main building of the Turman House are designed to be used for short stays by distinguished visitors. The Protocol Officer will make all assignments to these quarters. The Protocol Officer will coordinate availability of the Turman House with the VMI Foundation. All decisions with respect to its use will ultimately be made by the VMI Foundation.
  2. Faculty Quarters – The remaining quarters will be reserved for new appointments to the faculty or to house faculty required to live on Post. New faculty members are eligible for assignment to these quarters from the date they sign their first contract until one year from the date they begin work. Occupancy will be for no longer than a total of two years for Bachelor Quarters and three years for Family Quarters (for individuals with one or more permanently domiciled dependents). The total period of occupancy in Post Housing will be for no longer than three years.
  1. Bachelor Quarters:
  • 301 Letcher Avenue/BOQ – 15 units
  • 306 North Main Street, Apts A and B
  • 304 North Main Street, Apt A

    Turman House Gatehouse - The Housing Office will cordinate availability of the Turman House Gatehouse with the VMI Foundation.  All decisions with respect to its use will ultimately be made by the VMI Foundation.  The VMI Foundation will prepare a leasing agreement between the Foundation and the occupant, and will clearly delineate tenant responsibilities.
  1. Family Quarters:
  • 302, 304, 306, and 308 Anderson Drive
  • 208 Maiden Lane
  • 315, 317, 319, and 321 Institute Hill
  • 443, 445, 447, 449, 450, and 451 Institute Hill
  • 306, 307A, and 321 Letcher Avenue
  • 501 and 503 Brooke Lane
  • 402, 404, and 406 VMI Parade

Family Quarters unassigned by 1 June will be advertised by the Housing Officer to all VMI faculty. The period of assignment will be temporary, not to exceed one (1) year for any individuals who do not meet the above criteria. If the quarters remain unassigned, the individual occupying the house may reapply for another year.

Vacancies are advertised and assignments made by the Housing Officer in accordance with the Statement of Purpose for this policy. The number of dependent family members, and seniority defined by the date of acceptance of a contract for employment at the Institute, will be primary considerations for precedence in assignments. Assignments are terminated upon completion of the authorized time periods as stated above. If a faculty members employment terminates prior to completion of the above authorized time periods, the quarters must be vacated within 30 days of the termination date. In mitigating circumstances, an extension may be granted by the Housing Officer.


It is the policy of the Institute that assignment of quarters is limited to the times outlined in this policy. In extraordinary circumstances, on the recommendation of the Housing Officer, the Deputy Superintendent for Finance and Administration may make assignments to or approve extensions to remain in all VMI Quarters in the best interest of the Institute.

The time a faculty member is absent for a leave of absence or temporary assignment counts as if the individual were present for purposes of determining how long the individual has occupied quarters.

  1. The family of a faculty member on official leave of absence will be allowed to continue occupancy of assigned quarters during the period of absence.
  2. Those assigned to quarters may arrange with the Housing Officer to find suitable temporary occupants during an official leave of absence.
  3. If the faculty member on leave of absence does not return at the end of the specified period, the assignment is terminated and the quarters will be advertised or assigned pursuant to these regulations. Assignments are not automatically transferred to the tenant subletting the quarters.
  4. Renting or otherwise subletting, or in any way allowing use of VMI quarters or ground for personal financial gain, is prohibited.

Tenants are responsible for any Institute property assigned to them. The cost for repair or replacement of such property that is willfully damaged or destroyed through carelessness or neglect will be the responsibility of the tenant. Improvements to quarters or items requiring permanent installation, including trees or shrubbery, purchased by the tenant become property of the Institute. Failure to report, in writing, any serious damage, disrepair, or physical hazards will constitute neglect, and the tenant may be held liable for claims. A damage deposit is required for all quarters. The deposit will be paid when the rental agreement is signed.

  1. Tenants are expected to exercise economy in the use of utilities supplied by the Institute. The Institute reserves the right to take any emergency measure, or other actions, necessary for the conservation of electricity, heating energy, and water.
  2. The Commonwealth of Virginia is self-insured and provides fire, extended coverage and comprehensive general liability insurance on Institute residential property. This coverage does not extend to contents, personal property of tenants or to liability claims against any persons occupying quarters. All quarters occupants are encouraged to purchase renters insurance.
  3. A tenant moving out of Institute quarters should give the Housing Officer a minimum of 30 days notice. Quarters must be left in a clean and orderly condition suitable for occupancy by the next member to whom the quarters are assigned. Any quarters not left in such condition will be cleaned at the expense of the outgoing tenant. Within 24 hours of vacating quarters, the outgoing tenant must have quarters inspected by an Institute representative assigned by Buildings and Grounds and obtain clearance for those quarters. All keys to quarters will be returned to Buildings and Grounds by the outgoing tenant. Rental charges will continue until the Treasurer is notified by the Housing Officer of the date of final clearance. The appropriate amount of the damage deposit will be returned when the quarters are cleared satisfactorily.
  4. Pets must be under occupants’ control at all times and not allowed to roam freely. Pet owners are expected to clean up after their animals. Exotic and or dangerous pets are not authorized in quarters. Pets are not allowed in the BOQ.
  5. Any additions or alterations such as enclosing porches, constructing yard sheds or fences to quarters by the occupant must be approved in writing by the Housing Officer and the Director of the Physical Plant.
  6. Installation of privately owned air conditioning units must be approved by the Director of the Physical Plant. Window air conditioners will not be allowed to detract from the appearance of the quarters.
  1. The Institute reserves the right for authorized personnel to visit and inspect quarters whenever necessary for repairs or alterations. Whenever possible, 24 hours notice will be provided to the tenants. Persons authorized to occupy quarters shall also be admitted by appointment to view the quarters prior to rental.
  2. VMI will repair and maintain the exterior of the house and any appliances/equipment provided with the house. Appliances will vary from house to house and a list of what will be included will be provided to renters before they commit to a lease. All requests for repairs or maintenance of quarters should be directed to the Work Order Desk of the Physical Plant. Requests for emergency repairs required between 0700 and 1600 hours, Monday through Friday, may be telephoned to the department of buildings and grounds: at all other times the requests should be relayed to the Post Police who will notify the repair personnel on call.
  1. It is the policy of the Commonwealth of Virginia that the Institute recovers in rental charges all ordinary and necessary maintenance and operation costs relating to faculty and staff quarters. Rental charges for post housing will be the fair market value (as determined by bi-annual survey).
  2. The rental rates are a flat charge, which covers house rent, utility services, routine maintenance and repair, trash disposal and grounds care. Cost for telephone and television cable services are the responsibility of the tenants.
  3. If the annual rental charges are less than 5% of the appraised value of the property, as assessed by the City of Lexington or another qualified appraiser, then the Internal Revenue Service requires that the difference be reported as taxable income to the tenant.
  4. Capital improvements or other alterations will be made subject to availability of funds from other budgeted sources. Any such improvements are subject to approval by the Deputy Superintendent Finance and Administration on recommendation of the Director of the Physical Plant and Housing Officer.

The Virginia Military Institute is an AA/EEO Employer.