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Samuel Craun Civil War Papers
12th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
Manuscript #0372

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About this Collection:Detail from Craun Papers
The collection consists of documents dating from the Civil War service of Samuel Craun, who enlisted in the 12th Virginia Cavalry Regiment (Company H) in 1862.

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  • Special Order, 1863 September 30. Authorizing Craun to return home to procure horses for the regiment.
  • Receipt, 1863 December 10. Payment of $22.00 for saddle, bridle and halter worn out in service.
  • Receipt, 1864 March 17. To Samuel H. Craun for purchase of Confederate bonds.
  • Order, 1864 March 25. Foraging detail.
  • Order, 1864 June 22. Sgts. Craun and others to return to their regiment after detached duty.
  • Receipt, 1864 June 30. For ordnance stores
  • Order, 1864 July 23. Corporal Craun to take detail of five men to gather captured and abandoned arms.   Names of detail.
  • Order, 1864 December 14. Corp. Craun & others to report for duty at Harrisonburg.
  • Order, [1864]  Corp. Craun to proceed to Timberville to arrest persons held by John Bowman or Socrates Bowman.
    Miscellaneous Craun family documents
  • Receipt, 1864 February 15.
    To Elias Craun for $3300 in payment for slave, Lewis, at Richmond, Virginia. S. R. Fondren, Auctioneer.
  • Legal document, 1857 November 4.
    Regarding the estate of John Baker, signed by Marcus Cupp. Connection to Craun family unknown.