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2014 Breakout Sessions

Track One: Water Resources and Water Supply Management in Virginia – A Critical Decade

Virginia’s Coastal Plain Aquifer: A Primer on Past, Present, and Future Management
Hydrogeological Framework of the Virginia Coastal Plain - Scott Bruce
Resource Status and Future Management Issues - Scott Kudlas (PDF)
Groundwater Management Areas and Withdrawal Permitting - Craig Nicol (PDF)   

Water Resources Modeling Tools
Evolution of Modeling the Coastal Plain Aquifer System - Alan Lemon
Surface Water Model - Robert Burgholzer and Thomas Griffiths (PDF)
Groundwater Modeling in the Northern Shenandoah Valley - David Nelms (PDF)

Groundwater Quality Management
Groundwater Quality and Regional Trends in the Virginia Coastal Plain, 1906-2007 - Randy McFarland
Emerging Issues in Groundwater Assessment and Remediation - Jeff Steers (PDF)
Modeling for Groundwater Remediation - Jason Early

Virginia’s Local and Regional Water Supply Planning Program: What’s Next?
The Water Supply Plan Advisory Committee: Purpose and Recommendations - Michael Lawless (PDF)
Virginia's Water Resources Plan - Scott Kudlas (PDF)
Next Steps for Communities: Water Supply Planning 2.0 - Tammy Stephenson (PDF)
What Local Governments Can Do to Manage Their Resources - Carrie Blankenship (PDF)

Water Reuse and Adaptations for Water Supply Scarcity
Water Reuse with Membrane Filtration Technology - Tom Broderick (PDF)
Case Studies of Water Reuse - Andrea Wortzel
Is My Water Supply Stressed? - Eric Lassalle (PDF)
Artificial Aquifer Recharge for Managing Virginia's Groundwater Resources - Michael Alter (PDF)

Track Two: Policy and Regulations

Wetland Permits and Regulatory Takings
Jill Fraley
Margaret Strand
Tom Ward (PDF)
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (PDF)

Riding on the Cutting Edge: Bay Agreements and the TMDL
Restoring the Chesapeake One Agreement at a Time - Ann Pesiri Swanson (PDF)
Strategically Implementing Virginia's WIP- Russ Baxter (PDF)
Transforming Commitments into Action - Jill Witkowski (PDF)

WIP Milestones and Impacts
Milestones and EPA Expectations - Jeff Corbin (PDF)
Urban Lands - Joe Lerch (PDF)
Agriculture - Katie Hellebush (PDF)

Dam Safety Management Activities and Innovations
Robert Bennett (PDF)
Dam Watch - Joseph Scannell
Planning and Financing - Steve Hubble (PDF)

Top Environmental Priorities for the Next Five Years (PDF)  
Local Government - Larry Land
Conservation Groups - Nikki Rovner
Agriculture - Wilmer Stoneman
Business/Industry - Dennis Treacy

Academic Updates on Hot Topics
Environmental Considerations of Hydraulic Fracturing - Paul Low
A Strategy to Protect Virginians from Toxic Chemicals - Murphy (PDF)
Aqua Litter and Debris - Katie Register (PDF)

Track Three: Energy

Conservation: A Cost Effective Way to Reductions in Cost and Energy
Practical Approaches to Helping Virginians Conserve Energy and 'Value Your Power' - Andy Farmer (PDF)
Bridgewater College Summer 2013 Student Energy Audit - Darrin Sheffer (PDF)
Sustainability: A Partnership Between University of Virginia Medical Center and the Community - Reba Camp
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Auditing - Mike Barancewicz and John Lord (PDF)
Scaling Energy Efficiency - Bill Greenleaf (PDF)
Engaging Dorm Residents in Energy and Water Conservation - Richard Roth and Julio Stephens (PDF)

Regional Collaborative Initiatives
Regional Collaboration in Environmental Sustainability - Aimee Vosper (PDF)
Livability Initiative and Regional Energy Plan Experience - Kevin Byrd
A Community Plan for a Sustainable Future - Chris Stone (PDF)
Combined Heat and Power: Shenandoah Brewery WWTP - Jeff Rinker and Walter Heeb
Waste to Recycling and Energy Using Post-Consumer Sorting and Pyrolysis - David Gunnarson (PDF)
Emulsified Fuel Technology on Transportation Energy Savings and Pollution - Jackson Snarr (PDF)
Novel Harvesting Method for Algae as a Biofuel - Sarah Gibson

Off-Shore Wind
VOWTAP - Innovations and Levelized Cost of Energy - John Larson (PDF)
Status and Economics Nationally and Globally - George Hagerman

Electric Utility Regulation: Balancing Supply, Rate and Environmental Impacts
Meade Browder (PDF)
Mike Dowd (PDF)
Angela Navarro (PDF)
John F. Torpey (PDF)

Track Four: Conservation Initiatives

Land Conservation
Update on Virginia's Land Conservation - Brett Glymph (PDF)
The Upper Goode's Creek Watershed Restoration Project - Karen Firehock, Anna Mathis and Amber Ellis (PDF)
The Virginia Outdoors Plan - Janit Llewellyn Allen (PDF)
Land Conservation Synergy - James Shaver (PDF)

Connecting Industry, Government, and Tourism: The Jackson River Restoration Story
Fisheries Development in Lake Moomaw and the Jackson River - Paul Bugas (PDF)
Industrial Innovation and Improvements - Tim Morse (PDF)
The Jackson River TMDL - Jason Hill (PDF)
Teresa Hammond (PDF)

Oyster Restoration
Introductory Remarks - John Bull
Oyster Restoration, Nutrient Reduction and Trading - Mark Luckenbach (PDF)
Large-Scale Oyster Restoration in the Piankatank River - Andy Lacatell
USACE Oyster Restoration in Virginia - Susan Conner (PDF)
Restoring Oyster Reefs to Mitigate Impacts from the Craney Island Expansion Project - Keith Lockwood (PDF)

BMP Efficiencies, Modeling and Crediting for Achieving Bay Clean-Up Goals
Expert Panels: A Better Process to Resolve BMP Efficiencies - Tim Sexton
How Expert Panels Operate - Mark Dubin
Understanding BMP Acceptance in the Bay Model - Chris Brosch (PDF)
Expert Panels: Expanding the Role of Cover Crops - Jack Meisinger (PDF)

Ag Sector: Innovation in Modeling and SWCD Initiatives
CEAP Model - Lee Norfleet (PDF)
Resource Management Plans - Alyson Sappington (PDF)
Resource Management Plans - Scott Ambler (PDF)

Conservation and Restoration
Lynnhaven Basin Ecosystem Restoration Study - Jennifer Armstrong and Janet Cote (PDF)
Scenic River Benefits - Lynn Crump (PDF)
Species Diversity and Habitat Creation at Bethel Landfill - Samuel Nicolai (PDF)
A Method to Assess Status of the Eastern Small-Footed Bat During the Non-Hibernation Period - Daniel Warner (PDF)
Environmental Considerations at Arlington National Cemetery - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Track Five: Stormwater 

Making Your Local Program Work
Richard Street (PDF)
Doug Beisch (PDF)
Erin Hawkins (PDF)
Weston Young (PDF)

MS4 Permitting and Program Update
Update and Outlook: State Permit Program - Fred Cunningham (PDF)
Phase I - Diana Hardy (PDF)
Phase II Traditional - Mike Flagg (PDF)
Phase II Non-Traditional - Tracey Harmon (PDF)

$how Me the Money
Stormwater Local Assistance Fund - Melanie Davenport (PDF)
Utility and Tax Districts - David Bulova and Phil Schirmer (PDF)
Reduction Approaches by Private and Commercial Landowners - William Johnston (PDF)

Stormwater Innovations
Performance Monitoring of a High Flow Bioretention System in Washington State - Chris French (PDF)
Assessing Municipally Owned Sites for Stormwater Management Retrofits - Douglas Moseley and Eric Forbes (PDF)
Fairfax County Industrial and High Risk Runoff Inspection Program - Takisha Cannon and Cathy Roth (PDF)
Exploring the Need for a National Testing and Verification Stormwater Program - Chris French (PDF)
High Performance Green Infrastructure - Charlene Harper

Beyond Regulations: Stormwater Grass Roots Efforts
Soil and Water Conservation District Efforts - Laura Grape (PDF)
Homeowner BMP - Tom Scheuler (PDF)
Riverstar Homes - Sara Felker (PDF)



Track Six: Climate Change

Current Science on Climate Change: Cause, Effects and Response
Latest on Climate Change and Sea Level Rise Rates - Larry Atkinson (PDF)
Local Government Challenges - Ben MacFarlane (PDF)
Climate Change: Are Our Reservoirs Being Affected - Carolyn Thomas and Delia Heck (PDF)

Federal Initiatives
President's Climate Action Plan Update - Shawn Garvin (PDF)
North Atlantic Comprehensive Study - Rachel Haug and Dave Robbins (PDF)

Fossil Carbon Capture and Geologic Sequestration
Carbon Capture and Storage in Southwest Virginia and Beyond - Nino Ripepi (PDF)
Current Demonstration Projects: Beneficial Reuse of CO2 - Jerry Hill (PDF)
AEP/APCo CO2 Capture and Storage Demonstration Project - Matt Usher (PDF)

Recurrent Flooding and Risk Assessment
Secure Commonwealth Panel - Jim Redick (PDF)
Building Flooding Resiliency for Virginia's Coastal Communities - Joseph Bouchard (PDF)
Adaptive Management Planning for Climate Change - Lisa Jeffrey (PDF)

Forest Sequestration of CO2
John Kadyszewski (PDF)
Eric Sprague (PDF)



Track Seven: Funding and Collective Impact

Funding for Greater Impact
Jake Reilly (PDF)
 Shannon Sprague (PDF)

Collaborative Leadership for Sustainability: The Case for Collective Impact
2050 Trends and Collective Impact - Bruce Hull (PDF)
Characteristics of Effective Collective Impact Initiatives - Jerry Abrams (PDF)

Envision the James and More
Envision the James - Bill Street (PDF)
Using a Collective Impact Approach to Meet Water Quality Goals - Shereen Hughes, Nissa Dean, Tanya Denckla Cobb (PDF)

Remediation Collaboration Case Studies
Money Point Restoration - Dave Koubsky (PDF)
Money Point Restoration - Phil Stedfast (PDF)
South River Remediation and Restoration Project - Mike Liberati and Vince Maiden (PDF)

Virginiaforever State Funding (PDF)
Nikki Rovner
Mike Toalson
Ann Jennings
Dennis Treacy

Track Eight: Innovation and Sustainability

Industrial Innovations
Process Intensification - Frank Gupton
Optimizing Nutrient Removal by Changing Operating Strategies Without Chemicals - Peter Schuler (PDF)
The How2Recycle Label Program - Danielle Peacock

Brownfields to Fields of Opportunity
Brownfield Revitalization - David Lloyd (PDF)
Using VRP as a Real Estate Tool - Charlie Williams and Frederick Gusler

Advances in Greener Building
Promotion and Development of Hermitage Elementary - Tim Cole (PDF)
Green Building - Peggy Sanner
Virginia Commonwealth University's Pollak Green Roof - Steve Davis (PDF)
Energy Performance of LEED New Construction at NASA - Joan Hughes (PDF)

Materials Recovery
From Death Row to Recycle and Reuse... Green Deconstruction Options for Correctional Facilities? - Russell Vanness and Robert Barksdale
Reclaimed Materials - Kenneth Black (PDF)
Used Treated Wood Waste Recycling and Reuse Possibilities - Robert Smith

Biological Innovations
From Magnets to a Keg of Bacteria - Sandra Warner (PDF)
Production of Animal Feed from Byproducts of an Algae Biofuel Harvesting - Britton Cocke
Manure Based Biochars for the Removal of Lead and Copper from Driving Water - Tim Moore, Jonathan Partin, Alexandria Gagnon (PDF)
Food Waste Reduction at a Virginia Public University - Christie-Joy Hartman
The Process and Benefits of Composting - Heather Latham

Sustainable Tourism and Preservation
The Greening of Virginia's Tourism Industry - Tom Griffin
2015 World Cycling Championships - Monica Callahan
Virginia's Natural Bridge - Tom Clarke