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 FYI for VMI Faculty and Staff

The principal goal of FYI@VMI is to facilitate academic success for new cadets while they meet the demands of military duties, cadet life, and especially the Ratline. Both nationally as well as here at VMI, we have seen that even the most accomplished high school graduates often do not have the information or skills necessary to succeed in college academics. 

FYI@VMI has been specifically designed to close the gap between high school and college. The pilot program from Fall 2012 was extended and will be offered again in Fall 2015. Academics 101 (AC 101) which will be offered the first five weeks and Academic 102 (AC 102) which will be offered the last five weeks. The designated learning outcomes for the two courses are as follows:

By successfully completing AC 101, new cadets will be able to:

  • define the term “protocol” within an academic setting and outline its principal components
  • set long- and short-term goals for academic success
  • manage time to balance academic, military, athletic, and personal duties efficiently
  • apply effective study skills including reading for comprehension, note-taking, test preparation, and organization of academic materials
  • access various Post resources such as Miller Academic Center, the Open Math Lab, and Preston Library

By successfully completing AC 102, new cadets will be able to:

  • demonstrate application of skills and information acquired in AC 101
  • devise a study plan for their first comprehensive college exams
  • create an action plan to facilitate an academically successful spring semester
  • reflect on the connections between academic success and life-long learning

FYI@VMI Program

A corollary goal of FYI@VMI is to allow instructors to maximize time for interaction with new cadets in the classroom and other academic environments. Class periods dedicated wholly or partially to fundamental academic success issues (e.g. reading for comprehension, note-taking) not only diminish precious instructional time but also cadets’ opportunities to benefit from faculty’s knowledge of their disciplines. As a result of the skills and information acquired by new cadets in AC 101 and AC 102, teaching faculty will be able to focus on their role as educator. 

A key component of FYI@VMI centers on the overall Academic Program at VMI. Members of the FYI Advisory Committee will lead activities and discussions about relevant topics from the faculty's perspective. Topics such as reflective writing and critical thinking have been specifically chosen to expose new college students to the greater context of academics in a college setting.

The director of FYI@VMI looks forward to faculty collaboration in this new academic endeavor to the extent their time and interest permit. VMI faculty members who are willing to participate in the program and/or have questions, suggestions or comments regarding the program should contact LTC Elaine Humphrey, Director, Miller Academic Center.


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