Donna Potter
Executive Secretary

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Virginia Military Institute
345 Scott Shipp Hall
Lexington, VA  24450

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Note: All working papers and publications are available for download in Adobe's portable document format (PDF). To view/print you need Adobe's Acrobat Reader which is available free from Adobe's download site.

Working Papers

  • "Continuous Review Inventory Systems in Two-Level Supply Chains under Uncertain Demand," with A.W. Johnson [View PDF]
    A major shortcoming of an existing credit option method for achieving coordination in a two-echelon supply chain is the assumption that the supplier's opportunity costs are based only on the buyer's holding cost and inventory level. We introduce a rebate method that reduces supply chain costs to centralized management levels.
  • "An Efficient Technique for Solving the Two-Type Signaling Game," with A. Basuchoudhary and G. Hartman  [View PDF]
    Mixed Nash equilibrium strategies for signaling games with two Sender types and Receiver actions are derived.  These solutions are used to heuristically modify the strategy choices of the players to find other equilibria.  The result is an efficient algorithm that identifies a sequential equilibrium that meets the Intuitive Criterion. 
  • "Inference in Hybrid Bayesian Networks with Nonlinear Deterministic Conditionals," with P.P. Shenoy. [View PDF]
    To enable inference in hybrid Bayesian networks containing nonlinear deterministic conditional distributions using mixtures of polynomials or mixtures of truncated exponentials, we propose approximating nonlinear deterministic functions by piecewise linear ones. We describe a method for finding approximations based on two basic principles and an AIC-like heuristic.
  • "Propagation in hybrid Bayesian networks with linear deterministic variables," Working Paper No. 314, School of Business, University of Kansas, with P.P. Shenoy. [View PDF]
  • "On transforming belief function models to probability models," Working Paper No. 293, School of Business, University of Kansas, with P.P. Shenoy [View PDF]