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VMI Keydet Club
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P.O. Box 932
Lexington, VA 24450

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Keydet Club Sees Another Record Year

Keydet Club Sees Second Straight Record Year in Athletic Support to VMI

Thanks to 2,731 generous alumni and VMI Family, the VMI Keydet Club bested previous marks of total athletic support for the second straight year. For the 2014 fiscal year (July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014) the Keydet Club realized a total of $3,135,377 in annual gifts for the Keydet Club Scholarship Fund and all Athletic Operating Funds, while adding an unprecedented $3,061,145 to Keydet Club Scholarship Endowment. (See table below). The $6,196,522 in total support was over $1.1 million more than the previous record of $5,089,953 in FY ’13.







Keydet Club/AOF Funds:

$ 3,373,641

$ 2,861,385

$ 3,180,474

$ 3,178,770

$ 3,135,377

Keydet Club Endowments:

  $ 744,432

$ 694,519

$ 395,474

$ 1,911,183

$ 3,061,145

Total KC Funds:

$ 4,118,074

$ 3,555,903

$ 3,575,948

$ 5,089,953

$ 6,196,522

 “For the second year in a row, we are seeing some of our most engaged and generous donors help build the Keydet Club endowment. The emphasis to grow the athletic scholarship endowment is paying off as the Keydet Club added many new endowed scholarships and booked the single largest cash gift from an individual ever for the Keydet Club this fiscal year,” added Greg Cavallaro ’84, CEO of the VMI Keydet Club. “The staff is working hard to identify and encourage those who love VMI and the athletic program to establish endowments that will remain in perpetuity while generating income to support athletic scholarships. However, our endowment fundraising must come in addition to raising the annual money to meet the growing demand it takes to finance VMI’s Division I athletic program. We need to build our donor base and encourage everyone to continue doing all that they can. With proper funding, we can win at VMI. Thanks to all of those who believe in and love VMI and what it stands for today!” Cavallaro concluded.

To become a member of the Keydet Club you may Click Here, or call the Keydet Club at 1-800-444-1839 for more information.