Cadet Investment Group

The purpose of the VMI Cadet Investment Group (CIG) is to provide interested cadets across the Institute experience in security analysis, portfolio management, and business decision making.

The organization consists of two teams each comprised of 15 members and 2 alternates. Each group has a President and Vice President. The members buy and sell equities and manage the portfolios they create in accordance with a set of Bylaws. The teams focus on different types of firms. One team focuses on large capitalization US stocks while the other team only considers mid/small capitalization US stocks. The Chairman of CIG presides over the entire group. Regular weekly meetings are run in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order. In 1986, the VMI Foundation provided $200,000 cash to CIG to invest in the stock market. Historically, the portfolio was liquidated in May of each year and the group began each September with $200,000 in cash. Beginning in 2006, the investment rules were amended to allow the continuation of the portfolios during the summer break. As of mid-October 2009, the groups had a combined $213,000 under management.

Activities: Regular business meetings are held once a week. All members are required to attend the weekly meetings and other official Investment Group functions. Members of CIG are eligible to compete for several summer internships with investment firms each year.

  • Group members annually travel to New York City to meet with representatives from a variety of financial firms. This trip also includes dinner with VMI alumni from the NYC area.
  • In April an awards banquet is held for team members. Recognition is given to those individuals who have shown exemplary performance in their responsibilities.
  • Prospective new officers attend the Redefining Investment Strategy Education (RISE) Global Student Investment Forum, hosted by the University of Dayton.

Eligibility: Applicants must be upperclassmen (i.e., third, second, or first classmen) with cumulative GPA's of at least 2.10. Cadets from all majors are eligible. The successful applicants for membership must attend a training session at the beginning of the school year and must satisfactorily complete a test on the material taught. Resumes and/or interviews may be required.

Selection of Members: The officers of CIG and the faculty advisors select members from among those meeting the academic and training requirements.

Chap Michie - Chairman

Sam Trumps - Vice Chairman  for Education


Group A - Officers

Ricky Siewers - President

Gary LeClair - VP


Group B - Officers

Alex Lin - President

Jack Zippel - VP


Group C - Officers

Clark Chen - President

Peter Fisher - VP


Faculty Advisors: Col. Clifford T. West & Col. Robert W. Moreschi