Approved Software

The following software has been approved for use on VMI-owned and cadet-owned laptops:

Operating Systems
Windows Mac
Windows XP* OSX 10.5 Leopard
Windows 7 (32- or 64-bit)*                     OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard                             
  OSX 10.7 Lion

Microsoft Office Products  
Windows Mac
Office 2007* Office for Mac 2008*                                   
Office 2010 (32- or 64-bit)*                   Office for Mac 2011*

Email Clients  
Windows Mac
Outlook 2007* Entourage (Office 2008)*
Outlook 2010*                                        Outlook (Office 2011)*                                
Outlook Web Access Outlook Web Access

*In accordance with the terms outlined in VMI’s Microsoft Campus Agreement, the IT Department is able to offer Microsoft Windows (to cadets only) and Microsoft Office (to cadets, faculty, staff, and classified employees of the Institute) free of charge for use on their personally-owned computers.

To install this software on your personally owned computer:

  • Cadets: Drop off your laptop at the Barracks Help Desk. The technician there will install it for you.

  • Employees: Pick up a copy of the Microsoft Office installation disk at the IT Help Desk in Nichols Engineering Building. There are a limited number of these CDs in circulation, so please return your borrowed copy as soon as you install the software. IT Help Desk personnel will not troubleshoot personal Windows or Office installations.

File Transfer Software 

VMI does not currently offer a first-party solution for transferring large data files, but we recommend Sendspace ( as a free alternative. Sendspace does not require sign up or registration, and allows for files up to 300MB to be transferred over the Internet.

Using Sendspace to transfer files with sensitive, HIPPA- or FERPA-protected VMI data in them is prohibited.

Antivirus Software

Microsoft Forefront is installed on all VMI-owned machines and provides adequate virus protection to VMI employees; cadets are required to choose an antivirus solution from the approved list and keep its virus definitions up to date. Below is a list of approved antivirus solutions for cadet-owned laptops: 

Faculty/Staff Antivirus                        Cadets Antivirus         
Microsoft Forefront Microsoft Security Essentials (free) 

Caution:  Many current phishing schemes take the form of fake antivirus programs that look very convincing and purport to rid your computer of viruses and spyware for a one-time or reoccurring monthly fee.  These programs are not owned or operated by VMI's IT Department, nor do they do what they claim to do.  Call the IT Department if you have any questions before you give out your credit card information.