Cadet Programs

Leadership training and development at VMI takes place over a cadet’s four years of college at the Institute. 

At the VMI Center for Leadership and Ethics, we focus on the leadership and character development of cadets in collaboration with the Dean, the Commandant’s staff and the Superintendent.

Involvement in CLE programming provide additional opportunities outside of barracks for cadets to learn about leadership and ethics from theory to practice. We sponsor programs that range from cadet-led small groups to participation in academic competitions and conferences, even travel. VMI professors and/or staff assist each program. 

Our Center’s programs allow cadets to

  • develop skills in sound reasoning and ethical decision-making,
  • lead discussion groups among their peers,
  • engage in problem-solving issues with Corps-wide impact,
  • conduct research and presentation skills,
  • and gain public speaking skills.

Programs Include:

  • Cadet Book Club - read select books and discuss the leadership and ethical topics, including controversial issues; meet authors
  • Cadet Ethics Team - develop sound reasoning and ethical decision-making skills and compete against like-minded students in similar programs in national and international events
  • Cadet - Superintendent's Advisory Board - experiential leadership program for hand-picked upper-class cadets only, examine issues important to the Corps and make recommendations which will improve cadet life to the Superintendent
  • Cadet Leaders Development  - experiential leadership program for current and/or rising leaders in the Corps.  This program facilitates travel to federal service academies, other senior military colleges, and like-minded institutions for attendance at their leadership conferences and symposia.


Funding for the Center comes from the Hope-Jackson opportunity fund and the generous support of individuals, organizations and VMI alumni. For more information about cadet programs or how to support programming, contact Col. Pat Looney at or 540-464-7946.