Printing and Copying

VMI cadets and faculty should first connect to the VMI-Sentinel network. Patrons who do not have VMI network credentials should connect to the Preston Public network.

    1. Download and activate the client installation software.  (This process varies by computer type, operating system, and browser. It could take some time, but it only has to be done ONCE.)  
      • Open a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari) and go to  Please note:  Edge does not work at this time.
      • Click on the yellow button to the upper right: "Install Client"
      • Depending on your settings, the client installation program may download to your computer rather than install. If this is the case, then open the folder where it downloaded and run the installer program from there.
      • The client installation program may be downloaded but not activated. Use the Help buttons for assistance.
      • A dialog box asking if you want to install may be hidden by another window.
      • Be sure to select trust or proceed if you are asked to trust/not trust.
      • After client installation, close the browser and reopen before the next step.
    2. Install any printer in the library, by floor. Go back to
      • Select Preston Library, and then the floor at Preston Library from which you wish to print. A map of that floor, showing all printers, will appear.  
      • Hover over the printer you would like to install, and click "Install printer" OR double click on the desired printer in the textual printer list below the floor plan. (This may take a bit longer than you expect).  
      • Once the printer is installed, send a print job to test the installation. Now the printer is available for your use.  

If these instructions do not work, Maj. Tom Panko may be able to troubleshoot your particular situation. He is generally at the library 0800-1630 on weekdays. Please contact him directly for assistance. 

*Printed instructions are available at the Preston Library Circulation desk.  

  • Copies are free for VMI cadets, faculty, and staff. This applies to both photocopies and micro copies.
  • All other patrons are charged $0.10 per copy, plus tax.
  • Circulation staff can make transparencies for $0.40 each.
  • Virginia sales tax is added to all payments made at the circulation desk.