Stonewall Jackson Papers. 1852 April 10

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Date: 1852 April 10
Item: Letter
To: Laura Jackson Arnold
From: Thomas J. Jackson
Place: Lexington, Virginia (VMI)
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V.M. Institute Lexington, Va.
April 10th 1852
My Dear Sister

I have nothing which can call for a letter from me at this time except the pleasure of writing to you and to say a word in reference to your mentioned garden seeds, & c. Tell me the precise kinds of seeds which are desirable and if you can the mode of conveyance for them to Beverly. I might possibly procure some grafts of apricots & [illegible] if they could only be sent to you.

I sent for my box sometime since, but have not yet obtained possession of it. This is a beautiful day, though the preceding few have been cold and have injured the fruit prospects, particularly the apricots and other early fruit. The plank road from Staunton to Buckhannon, which latter place is about 25 miles distance from here is now under construction, through our town. The stage travels about one third faster on it than on the dirt road.

I am anxiously looking forward to July.

When did you last hear from Cousin Margaret. She appears to have dropped me as a correspondent. I certainly gave her ostensible reason for so doing by not answering her letter more promptly. But this was occasioned by the pressure of other things.

Remember me very kindly to Mr. A., the family & to all enquiring friends and relations.

Tell Thomas and Grace I am not going to allow them to see their Aunt Nancy until they both offer to love me more than her. Tell them that their Aunt does not care about them half as much as I do.

Your brother,

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