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Department of Military Science and Leadership

The mission of Army ROTC is to commission the future officer leadership of the U.S. Army and to motivate young people to be better citizens. Any cadet interested in developing leadership skills in a challenging environment will benefit from what Army ROTC has to offer, and there is no better Army ROTC unit than VMI’s Marshall-New Market Battalion.

Those cadets who are committed to serving their country as an Army officer will find themselves well prepared by the top Army ROTC program in the nation. Those who wish to be successful in civilian life will find themselves equally well prepared by the best leadership program anywhere. Army ROTC is centered on leadership development, in both classroom and field environments, with individual feedback and counseling provided to each cadet.

In addition, Army ROTC sponsors a number of extracurricular cadet clubs and activities, including the Cadet Battery, Ranger Platoon, and the competitive Ranger Challenge.

Army ROTC is a demanding program that requires commitment from each cadet, but the rewards more than equal the effort. All cadets will benefit from a greater understanding of their country and its Army, and all will gain the confidence that comes with practical, demonstrated leadership ability. Those cadets who choose to serve, upon successful completion of the program and graduation from VMI, will commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard.

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