Official Tourist Info Center

Located in the very heart of the Shenandoah Valley, the official Tourist Information Center at the Virginia Museum of the Civil War is the perfect place to get oriented-- North, South, East or West! Find out where to eat, where to stay and where to visit from the hundreds of brochures and travel guides available.

Our information center is certified by the Virginia Tourism Corporation. Official state highway maps, specialty maps and all sorts of guides are free to Virginia lovers. The Information Center features a real-time digital signage display providing visitors with up to the minute weather and traffic information. 

Local Area Information

Business Promotions

The internet has revolutionized the way travelers get their information. Travel surveys confirm, however, that most visitors to the Valley make their daily itinerary once they are in the Valley. WE are where they find out about YOU. There is no substitute for a smiling face sharing information about your business.

We currently offer two great ways to advertise your business or institution. The first displays your brochure or rack card in the SVTIC. We offer three sizes of brochure/booklet pockets that are reserved on a calendar-year basis. Your annual fee is $75 per brochure pocket ($100 for booklet size).

The second way to advertise uses 20-second video blocks on our digital signage display providing real-time traffic, weather and event information. Each 20 second block costs $750 for a full calendar year of display, or put a different way, that equates to 14,600 views per year, each costing only 5 cents.

View the digital signage display

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