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New Market Battlefield State Historical Park
8895 George Collins Pkwy
PO Box 1864
New Market, Va 22844

(866) 515-1864

Open daily year-round 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., except New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and day.

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Units and Casualties in the Battle of New Market

Numbers engaged and casualties are difficult to accurately establish. Fortunately, for the Federals an official report of casualties for each Unit engaged was made out on May 22, 1864, but somehow it never found its way into the Official Records, nor is it to be found in the National Archives. However, the New York Tribune published it in full on May 27, 1864, and this is the source of most of the Federal figures below.

Confederate losses are more difficult to come by, though a few scattered reports exist, For the purposes of this list, only casualties of those units engaged in the main battle are listed; losses suffered before or after that are not included. Information adopted from The Battle of New Market by William C. Davis

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Federal Army - MAJ GEN Franz Sigel

First Infantry Division -Sullivan
 KilledWoundedMissingTotalPercentage loss 
 First Brigade-Moor     
18th Connecticut     
28th Ohio        
    -Beckernot engaged    
116th Ohio     
    -Washburnnot engaged    
123d Ohio     
First Brigade total664611313.2.5%
Second Brigade-Thoburn     
   1st West Virginia     
    34th Massachusetts     
    54th Pennsylvania     
    54th Pennsylvania     
Second Brigade total6739212658521.7%
First Division total7345618771619.1%
First Cavalry Division, Union -Stahel
 KilledWoundedMissingTotalPercentage loss
   First Brigade-Tibbitts     
    1st New York (Veteran)     
     -Taylor1226947not known
1st New York (Lincoln)     
     -Adamsnot engaged    
    1st Md. Potomac Home     
     -Daniel11--not known
    21st New York     
      -Otis212-14not known
     14th Pennsylvania     
     -Duncan-628not known
First Brigade total14441270not known
Second Brigade-Wynkoop     
    15th New York     
20th Pennsylvania     
-Douglas151521no figures
22d Pennsylvania     
Second Brigade total382637 
First Cavalry Division total175238107approx. 5%
Union Army Total
 KilledWoundedMissingTotalPercentage loss
 9652022584113.4% 5 guns

Confederate Army - MAJ GEN Jon C. Breckinridge

Infantry Division
 KilledWoundedMissingTotalPercentage loss
  First Brigade -Echols     
    22d Virginia     
    23d Virginia Battalion     
    26th Virginia Battalion     
First Brigade total912521368.6%2
   Second Brigade-Wharton     
    30th Virginia Battalion     
    51st Virginia     
    62d Virginia Mounted     
    Co. A, 1st Missouri Cavalry     
Second Brigade total19+251+-28118%3 
Attached commands    Hart's engineer company     
    Augusta-Rockingham Reserves      
     -Harmannot engaged     
Davis' Co. Md. Cavalry      
-Davis----not known 
23d Virginia Cavalry      
-White4+ 36+41+13%+ 
V.M.I. Cadets      
Attached commands total14+91+1+41+17.5%4 
Infantry Division total42+467+3+523+14% 
Cavalry, Valley District-Imboden

KilledWoundedMissingTotalPercentage loss
    18th Virginia     
     -Imbodennot engaged    
    2d Maryland Battalion     
     -Gilmornot engaged    
    McNeill's Company, Partisans     
      -McNeillnot engaged    
    43d Battalion     
     -Mosbynot engaged    
Cavalry totalnot engaged    
KilledWoundedMissingTotalPercentage loss
    Chapman's battery     
    Jackson's battery     
    McClanahan's battery     
    V.M.I. section     
Artillery total17-82.3%
Confederate Army Total
 KilledWoundedMissingTotalPercentage loss