Call for Presentations

Presentations Come From Your Ideas, Research, Case Studies, and Content

CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS IS NO LONGER OPEN: We will be opening our call for presentations on August 20th and closing it on September 24th. Traditional presentations are 15 minutes in length, or you can propose a panel discussion with your own panelists discussing a topic from several viewpoints. Each presentation proposal will be reviewed by a team of experts. Notice will be given as to the status of proposals no later than  December 15.

Environmental Topic Areas:

  • Chesapeake Bay
  • Climate Change
  • Emerging Contaminants in Water
  • Energy
  • Environmental Health
  • Environmental Justice/ESG
  • Land Use/Conservation/Forestry Agriculture
  • Sustainability/Resilience
  • Water
  • Emerging Environmental Issues
  • Topics of Regional Interest (different regions of Virginia)

The symposium had a holistic approach to the environment by embracing issues related to policies, regulations, current and projected environmental issues, research, and statistical work, strategies and solutions. ~ Survey Respondent




Each year, the Environment Virginia Symposium features a combination of invited plenary speakers, invited break-out session presenters, and presenters chosen based on abstracts received during our call for presentations.

If you have an idea for a presentation you’d like to share with the environmental professional community, we invite you to submit a proposal through our online system. 

  • Who may submit an presentation proposal?
    We invite submissions from businesses, government agencies, academia, and nonprofit organizations – as long as your content is relevant to Virginia’s environment.
  • When is the deadline for submitting proposals?
    The deadline for submission of presentation proposals will be September 24, 2021.
  • Why should I present?
    The Environment Virginia Symposium is a community experience of shared expertise and networking; therefore, accepted presenters are expected to participate in the entire conference as registered attendees.  Presenters will be able to register for the conference at a reduced rate.  We will send information regarding reduced rate registration in an email to accepted presenters. 

Additionally, presenters will benefit from the following:

  • Recognition from your peers as an expert in their field
  • Acknowledgment as a presenter on the conference website and in the program booklet
  • Representation for your organization by discussing current projects and/or research
  • We will post the full conference schedule in early February 2022.

What are the audience demographics?

The nearly 600 attendees include professionals from all over the Commonwealth and from every sector of the environmental community – government, industry, non-profits, and academia who meet to discuss collective issues and exchange ideas, best practices, and knowledge.

What are the submission guidelines?

  • Submit your proposal abstract electronically.  It should contain fewer than 250 words.

  • Indicate the topic area of your presentation in the online form.

  • You may choose to present your proposal in either a traditional presentation format (15 minutes) or as a panel discussion (45 minutes).

  • For panel presentations, please list each individual with their area of expertise.  Strong panel presentations will include individuals with expertise from a variety of disciplines and organizations. We will also need their contact information so that we may reach out to those individuals and have them register for the conference.  This will ensure they also receive timely notifications and all pertinent details from us.

  • Your presentation should emphasize at least some of the following concepts: Conservation, Regulation, Sustainability, Best Practices, Innovative Ideas, Technology, Case Studies, Success Stories, and Challenges.
  • You will need to provide the following:
    • Objectives/Outcomes/Goals (italicized text provides you with an example only)
    • This presentation will … discuss the benefits and implications of implementing the Clean Power Plan for individual consumers, industries and the environment.
    • Conference attendees will be … introduced to the new carbon emission regulations established in the Clean Power Plan.
    • Following this presentation, conference attendees will be able to … evaluate and critique the possible solutions to curb carbon emissions in order to be in compliance with the Clean Power Plan.
    • Challenges and/or lessons learned
    • Successes and/or failures
    • Methodologies
    • Target audience
    • Application possibilities for other professionals and/or organizations 

What is the review process?

A panel of three to five experts in a blind review process will judge based on the following criteria:

  • Measurable/demonstrated environmental improvement and/or impact
  • Incorporation of research data and/or case studies
  • Significance to environmental professionals from a variety of disciplines
  • Topical – address current and future environmental concerns
  • Ability to replicate in other businesses, governments or organizations
  • Relevance to Virginia and other Mid-Atlantic states
  • Only a select number of presentations will be accepted due to limited availability in the conference schedule.

When will I know if my submission was accepted?

We will notify you by the December 15, 2021 concerning whether or not your proposal was selected for presentation at this year’s conference.

If we choose your presentation, you must be available to present on either Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursday, March 29 - 31, 2022. In other words, you must have the dates of the conference clear to present at any time during the event so we may organize the sessions and group them to deconflict topic areas as much as possible.  We will provide you with an adequate notification regarding the date and time when your presentation will take place so that you may also make the necessary arrangements. All presenters must be registered to attend the conference and will receive a discount on their registration fee.