Survey Research

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The Cadet Services Survey addresses all facets of VMI’s educational experience. This initiative is a core element of the Institute’s overall system for evaluating VMI’s educational and operational effectiveness. The Cadet Services Survey is administered every October. The focus of this survey alternates each year between academic and non-academic services. The 2016-2017 Cadet Services Survey was focused on the academic services offered at VMI.

Each year, the First Class (Senior Class) is asked to complete VMI’s First Class Cadet Survey. Through this survey, we evaluate important aspects of the VMI experience and record in-depth perspectives on what VMI does well and also identify areas in need of improvement.

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) is a third-party survey that is administered every third year. The questionnaire collects information in four categories: (1) participation in dozens of educationally purposeful activities, (2) the challenging nature of coursework, (3) perceptions of the college environment, and (4) estimates of educational and personal growth since starting college. The most recent NSSE participation was in the spring of 2017.

VMI has collaborated with an outside agency to develop a new alumni survey to collect information for the purpose of assessing the value of current course relevance, professional success, and their overall attitude with their VMI education and experience. The most recent alumni survey was administered in 2016. The VMI Alumni Survey is administered every five years.

The purpose of this survey is to assess VMI’s campus climate. The CAES is administered each spring to all cadets.

The employee survey assesses the campus climate for VMI employees. The survey is administered annually by an outside agency.

The Matriculation survey is administered to the parents of newly matriculated students. It allows parents to evaluate pre-matriculation activities and resources and the matriculation day program. This survey is given annually.

This survey is used to assess the Rat Challenge program, which offers leadership opportunities for upper-class cadets, while at the same time involving Rats (first-year students) in a vigorous outdoor experiential program that would stretch them physically and emotionally, and enable them to overcome any self-imposed limits with which they may be confronted. The Rat Challenge Survey is administered every November to both Rats and Rat Challenge Cadre.

Each year VMI seeks prospective cadets’ and their parent’s opinions about their Open House experience. The results from these surveys continue to assist us in identifying necessary resources and in shaping the Open House process so that it is as informative and helpful as possible. The Parent and Cadet Open House Surveys are administered every year for each of the six Open House events.

Parents of prospective cadets take the Summer Orientation Survey to collect feedback about the various briefings, Q&A panels, and the overall experience. This survey is administered annually to each group of new parents.

The STP Survey assesses the activities that make up the Summer Transition Program. The STP was designed to provide an opportunity for cadets to acclimate to VMI and get an academic head start by taking a course from the core curriculum. This survey is given each summer to cadets participating in the program.

This survey was developed to evaluate the summer course sessions provided by VMI. Both cadets and faculty have the opportunity to evaluate the summer sessions in which they participated. This survey is administered at the end of each session.

The U.S. News Best Colleges rankings were created to help prospective students and their families compare institutions as they look for the right school. This survey information is compiled and submitted each spring semester.

The OAIR assists the Center for Leadership and Ethics with the development and administration of the annual Leadership Conference Survey. The Leadership Conference Survey is given to attendees and presenters to help ensure a positive conference experience for future attendees and help direct conference organizers to make the best experience possible.