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William Y. C. Humes, Class of 1851

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  • Biographical Information
    • Early Life
      William Young Conn Humes, born June 1830 in Abingdon, Virginia. Parents: John Newton Humes and Jane Conn White.
    • VMI record
      Enrolled at VMI on November 20, 1848; was graduated on July 4, 1851, standing 2nd in a class of 29 (distinguished graduate); classmate of Gen. Alfred J. Vaughan. 
    • Marriage
      Married 1st- Margaret Preston White of Abingdon, VA; 2 children; Margaret died in Knoxville before 1863.
      2nd- 1863, Sallie Elder of Memphis, TN; 4 children.
    • Pre-Civil War
      Read law; lawyer in Knoxville and Memphis, Tennessee.
    • Civil War
      1861-Captain Artillery, commanded guns at New Madrid; captured and imprisoned at Johnson's Island; after exchange became cavalry officer; appointed Brigadier General Nov. 1863 and led brigade in Wheeler's Corps fought in Tennessee, Georgia the Carolinas; appointed Major General March 1865.
    • Post-war
      Resumed law practice in Memphis; died September 11, 1882 in Huntsville, Alabama.