Battle of New Market
VMI Orders, May 1864

Battle of New Market top level 

 New-Market-Cadet_smallerHeadquarters Va. Mil. Institute
May 11, 1864
General Orders No. 18

I. Under the orders of Maj. Gen'l John C. Breckinridge, Commd'g Dept of Western Virginia, the Corps of Cadets and a Section of Artillery will forthwith take up the line of march for Staunton, Va., under the command of Lieut. Col. Scott Shipp.  The Cadets will carry with them two days rations.

II. Captain J. C. Whitwell will accompany the expedition as Asst. Qr. Master and Commissary and will see that the proper transportation &c is supplied.

III. Surgeon R. L. Madison and Asst. Surgeon Geo. Ross will accompany the expedition and attend to the care of the sick and wounded.

IV. Col. Shipp on arriving at Staunton will report in person to Maj. Gen'l Breckinridge and await his further instructions.

V. Captain T. M. Semmes is assigned to temporary duty on the Staff of the Commd'g Officer.

By Command Maj. Gen'l F. H. Smith {Signed} J. H. Morrison, A. A. V. M. Inst.

Headquarters Va. Military Institute
Staunton, May 21, 1864
General Orders No. 19

I. The Supt. communicates the following dispatch received from the Adj't Gen'l.

Richmond, Va., May 16, 1864
Maj. Gen'l. F. H. Smith

March the Cadets to Richmond and report to Sec. of War.

{Copy of his letter of to day to the Governor}

"The signal victory just achieved by Gen'l Breckinridge in the Valley with the retreat of the enemies' forces that lately threatened along the line of the Va. and Tenn. Rail Road, and relieved forces acting as reserves in the quarter, while on the other hand all [our] reserved forces at command would be entirely serviceable in strengthening our defenses and enabling us to send veteran troops to the Battle Field.  Under these circumstances I have thought the gallant Corps of Cadets at the Institute, might be most advantageously summoned here.  Where else could they more appropriately signalize their valor and patriotism than in the defense of the Capitol of their native State.  I therefore venture on the suggestion and make the request that they be called here to aid in defense of the Capitol and within the entrenchments or in guarding some of our most important lines of communications as circumstances may require.

{Signed} J. A. Seddon, Secretary of War.  By Command of W. H. Richardson, Adj't Gen'l.

II. As soon as the command can reach Staunton and transportation can be furnished, the Infantry Battalion and Section of Artillery of the Corps of Cadets will be moved to Richmond.

III. Two days cooked rations will be taken.

IV. Subsistence stores have been brought from the Institute to accompany the Command.

V. The wagons, ambulance and unnecessary servants will be relieved and ordered back to Lexington.

VI. Surgeon Madison will remain with the wounded and sick Cadets and see that they are properly cared for.  Supplies are left in Staunton to meet their wants.

VII. The Superintendent has no words to express his sense of the gallant conduct of the Corps of cadets in the decisive but sanguinary battle of New Market on the 15th inst.  The patriotic heart of the Commonwealth and Confederacy responds with proud and grateful emotion at the fortitude, courage and gallant bearing of these brave sons of the South.  We have to mourn the loss of the dead - but the names of Cabell, Stanard, Jones, Crockett, McDowell, and Jefferson will be honored among the most valued heroes of this eventful struggle, and the scarred bodies of the wounded will be trophies of valor and patriotism of which the Va. Mil. Institute will ever be proud.  The Sup't would return this thanks to Lt. Col. Shipp and all the Officers and Cadets for their conduct in this trying service.

By Command Maj. Genl. F. H. Smith {signed} J. H. Morrison, A. A. V. M. Inst.

Headquarters Va. Military Institute
Richmond, May 24, 1864
Special Orders No. 122

The Corps of Cadets will be reviewed this afternoon on the Capitol Square by His Excellency the President of the Confederate States - in the presence of the Governor of the State and Secretary of War.  The Battalion of Infantry and Section of Artillery will be paraded accordingly and marched to the Capitol, subject to the orders of the Governor.

By Command Maj. Gen'l F. H. Smith. {Signed} J. H. Morrison, A. A. V. M. Inst.

Order Directing Return to VMI prior to Hunter's Raid 

Adjutant General's Office
Richmond, June 6, 1864

Maj. Gen'l. F. H. Smith
Supt. Va. Mil. Institute


The Corps of Cadets having been by order of the President turned over to the State authority and the movements of the enemy appearing to involve the safety of the Institute and other public property at Lexington, the Governor directs that you cause the Corps to be returned to the Institute by Railroad, via Lynchburg, or other route if found more practicable.

The Governor approves the order of Ex-Governor Letcher of 4th Sept. 1863 and adopts it so far as at present applicable.

Should the public property at the Institute be found unmolested and practicable to be reached and defended, you will adopt proper measures for that purpose.

In the event of difficulty or peril in making that defense except by co-operation with the troops of the Confederate Government, it will be needful to afford that co-operation, at least to such extent as the security of the Military Institute may require - of which you must of necessity be the judge.  Bearing in mind however always, that the Corps be not further exposed in battle than absolute necessity may require.

By Command, Wm. H. Richardson, Adjt. Gen'l.