Stonewall Jackson Papers. 1852 May 1

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Date: 1852 May 1
Item: Letter
To: Dr. George P. Terrill, VMI Class of 1849
From: Thomas J. Jackson
Place: Lexington, Virginia (VMI)
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V.M. Institute
Lexington, Va. May 1st 1852
My Dear Doctor,

Your interesting letter has been received and perused with much pleasure. But my matrimonial success as you are ere this probably aware of was a hoax. I suppose that some interested friend thought that I ought to be married and that it would be well to remind me of my duty before efforts would be too late. Frequently your intended, is to be seen with all her prepossessing fascinations. Why do you not come on? Certainly you will be here on the 4th. The weather here is at present beautiful, though for months it has been unseasonably cold.

How are you pleased with Philadelphia? What are Penrose's prospects for distinction in his profession. Of all the cities in this Union, that of the Quakers has my preference. Its public squares, magnificent edifices, it's water works & c, including that universal task which strikes the eye at all its points, must make it very interesting to all, who are only consulting pleasure.

Trueheart is now in Washington city, engaged in the Coast Survey. There is only one assistant here at present (Stewart). Our appropriation bill has not yet been acted on by the Legislature.

Judge Baldwin is not expected to recover from his recent attack. Judge Brockenbrough will probably be a candidate in place of Judge Baldwin for the Court of Appeals.

Prof. Calhoun of Washington College will leave this coming summer; his successor is so far unknown. Every thing is quiet at present in the Institute and I hope will ever continue so.

There is to be strong [st---] opposition through here this season. Let me here from you whenever a spare moment will permit.

Your sincere friend,
T. J. Jackson

[On verso; not in Jackson's hand]

Resolved that it is with feelings of the most profound regret that we have heard the announcement of the decease of our fellow student & associate Dr. [illegible] Weir; whose gentlemanly bearing & Christian deportment has served not only to endear him to all with whom he came in contact but to render him an ornament and honour to the noble profession of which he was so faithful a votary. Resolved that we do sympathize most sincerely with the bereaved relatives & friends of his House upon whom this dispensation of Providence has fallen so unexpectedly & painfully.

Resolved that from respect to his memory we will wear the usual badge of mourning for thirty days.

Resolved that a copy of the proceedings of this meeting signed by the Secy. & Pres. be forwarded to the family of the deceased & that the same be published in the Richmond & Alexandria papers.

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