Stonewall Jackson Papers. 1857 December 19

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Date: 1857 December 19
Item: Letter
To: Laura Jackson Arnold
From: Thomas J. Jackson
Place: Lexington, Virginia
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Lexington, Va.
December 19/57

My Dear Sister,

You have probably been expecting a letter from me for some days. Owing to an inflammation of the tube leading to the ear and also inflammation of the throat (chronic) and very painful neuralgia, I have been constrained to give up my correspondence for a while. I never remember having suffered so much as within the last three weeks, and now I am compelled to use a vial of chloroform liniment per day externally and am also using a preparation of ammonia. The hearing of my right ear is impaired, but I trust not permanently. I have continued to attend to my recitations, notwithstanding my suffering. In a few days I hope to be free from pain.

The eye medicine helped me for a while I think but I can't say that I have been permanently benefited, and I would advise you not to try the medicine.

Anna is quite robust again. She joins me in love to you all. I wrote to Wirt, advising him to go to some active occupation and to read standard books and thus endeavor to apply his knowledge of grammar and become thus acquainted with the construction of the language- use is of great importance. His knowledge of the grammar considering the time he has given to it is discouraging. To keep him at school with such little progress is pretty much throwing away the money and time.

Let me hear from you soon.

Your affectionate brother,

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