Stonewall Jackson Papers. 1859 August 13

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Date: 1859 August 13
Item: Letter
To: Laura Jackson Arnold
From: Thomas J. Jackson
Place: Lexington, Virginia
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White Sulphur Springs
August 13, 1859
My dear Sister

The inflammation or irritation of my throat passed down so low as to make me afraid to let Dr. Green treat me & consequently I gave up the idea of going to him so long as it remains so low; it appears to be about the collar bone. But whilst I was unwilling to let the Dr. treat me I concluded that I would visit this place & try to get my liver right; as I was disposed to think that the state of the throat depended on that of the liver. After you left, my liver apparently became much deranged. I reached this place on Thursday last & I feel improved. It appears to me that smoking mullein1 has been of great benefit to me. I am fearful that I will not be able to visit you this summer & I feel it greatly.

I left Anna at the Rockbridge Baths, her health has not been so good since you left and as the Baths are celebrated for such afflictions as hers I trust that she will be improved by their use. This evening I received a letter from her stating that after bathing she had internal heat & that she was fearful that the bathing was not good for her & that if she found it not to be so that she would return home in a few days. There are about 1000 persons here at present.

I hope that I may be able to visit you, notwithstanding the present aspect of things, but don't expect me unless you hear of my coming by another letter.

I hope that your health has improved. Give my love to all. Your affectionate brother, Thomas.

1an herbal remedy used for respiratory ailments

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