Michael G. Harman Civil War Papers
Quartermaster, Staunton, Virginia (Shenandoah Valley)
Manuscript #0397

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Civil War letters (6 items; July-October 1861) of Lt. Col. Michael G. Harman, written from Headquarters, Staunton, Virginia, where Harman was Quartermaster. The letters were written primarily to General Henry R. Jackson, headquartered at Monterey. The letters concern supplies of corn, clothing, horses and other items; transportation problems; and other Quartermaster Department problems. Harman, born in Augusta County in 1823, operated stage lines and was the proprietor of a hotel before the war. During the Civil War, he served as QM in Staunton from April 1861-Jan. 1862; elected Lt. Col. 52nd Virginia Infantry 8/19/1861 and served in a dual capacity until resigning his commission as QM 1/8/1862; elected Colonel of 52nd Virginia in May 1862; wounded; resigned June 1863 due to disability; served as QM in Staunton until end of war. Postwar: continued in stage line, hotel and other businesses. He was member of the Virginia Military Institute Board of Visitors, 1865-1866. Harman died in 1877 and is buried in Thornrose Cemetery, Staunton.

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  • 1861 July 11. To Captain Miller, McDowell Volunteers, order to reinforce Gen. Garnett.
  • 1861 September 3.  To General Henry R. Jackson, commanding at Monterey. Wagons/teams sent; corn & clothing needs; has 100 Yankee prisoners.
  • 1861 September 4.  To General Henry R. Jackson, commanding at Monterey. Movement of 52nd Virginia Infantry Regiment; Captain Otey's Company (Bedford County); Captain Morrison's Company (Rockbridge County).
  • 1861 September 17.  To General Henry R. Jackson, commanding at Monterey. Corn purchased; wagons & teams impressed from local farmers; transportation problems.
  • 1861 October 10.  To General Henry R. Jackson, commanding at Monterey. Sending teams; complains about organizational problems within QM Dept & asks for help; Harman will join his (52nd VA) Regiment soon.
  • 1861 October 20.  To General Henry R. Jackson, commanding at Monterey. Problem with horses unfit for service; too many men in hospital in Staunton, wants to use Rockbridge Baths to accommodate sick.