Letters, Diaries, & Manuscripts
Collections in the VMI Archives

cadetdetailThe VMI Archives currently contains more than 500 manuscript collections: Letters, diaries, and other personal papers. Among our holdings are the papers of Stonewall Jackson and Matthew Fontaine Maury; correspondence of soldiers who served in the Civil War; modern military history collections, including the Cold War Oral History Project; letters, diaries, and scrapbooks documenting cadet life and Institute history; and documents relating to the history of the Shenandoah Valley. Many of our collections are available online in full-text format, and complete descriptions of all manuscript holdings VMI Archives Catalog.

The VMI Archives includes many holdings in addition to manuscripts. See the Archives home page for links to our other resources. For more information about any of our collections, please contact the archives.

Online Manuscripts Guide

This guide, divided into five sections, consists of brief descriptions of individual manuscript collections and includes links to online full text where available.

For detailed descriptive information about our manuscript holdings,
please consult the VMI Archives Catalog