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Career Services at VMI are available to every cadet.

VMI cadets have the option to commission in one of the military services at graduation. Cadets who do not choose to take an active commission in one of the military services are required to participate in four semesters of Leadership Studies during their last two years at VMI. These courses teach the basics of career and leadership development.

However, by the time a cadet reaches the second class (junior) year and begins Leadership Lab, he/she should already be familiar with how to use the Career Services resources at VMI. 

Cadets who are planning to take an active military commission are encouraged to pursue internships and learn the job-search process. Even if they choose to stay in the military for 20 years, they will only be in their early 40's at that point - in the prime of their careers. Knowing how to conduct a successful job search is a valuable life skill.

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