As most of you know, VMI hosts a busy recruiting schedule during both fall and spring semesters. A majority of our recruiters return year after year due to previous graduates being successful in their organizations.

Please make sure that your majors know that, in order to take advantage of on-Post interviews, they must first

  • register with KeydetConnect on the Cadet portion of this website.
  • have their resumes approved by a Career Services career professional.
  • Also, please remind your majors that, if they miss an on-Post interview for any reason, without apprising the Career Services Office in advance, their privilege to interview on Post will be suspended.

When a recruiter reserves a date to interview cadets for internships and/or full-time positions, this is the procedure followed:

  • Cadets indicate by a specific posted deadline their interest in an interview with an organization in KeydetConnect.
  • Career Services sends cadet resumes to the recruiter for pre-screening.
  • Each recruiter notifies either Career Services or the individual cadet which cadets will be interviewed.
  • Career Services sets up the recruiter's interview schedule. We attempt to work around academic schedules. However, if a cadet has to miss a class for an interview, that cadet requests permission from the professor first.  Only when permission is granted is the cadet placed on the interview schedule.  Career Services will typically request permission from the Dean when a cadet will miss all or a portion of a class for on-Post interviews.
  • If a recruiter asks to meet with faculty, Career Services will assist in coordination whenever possible.
  • Career Services monitors each recruiter's schedule throughout the day of the visit. If a cadet misses a scheduled interview appointment for any reason (unless Career Services is notified well in advance), that cadet's recruiting privileges on Post are suspended until an appropriate apology is sent to the employer.

Faculty seeking to view internship and job opportunities for their majors may do so by registering on VMI's KeydetConnect.