Student Consumer Information - Graduate School

Graduate and Professional School Data for 2014-2015 VMI Graduates


Annually, the Office of Career Services (OCS) investigates the first destination career status of graduates receiving degrees during the previous 12 months.  The target population was comprised of 363 graduates who were awarded degrees between December 2014 and September 2015.  Data were collected by the OCS from Institute offices and individual graduates.  The status of 358 graduates was determined and the contact rate was 99%. The census date for status determination was 31 October 2015. 

Summary Data for VMI Graduates

  • Employed: 87%
    • Military (Commissioned and Enlisted): 47%
    • Civilian: 40% 
  • Graduate School: 8%
  • Seeking (as of 31 October 2015): 1%
  • Unknown: 1%
  • Alternative Plans or Not Seeking: 3%

Graduate and Professional Institutions for VMI graduates

College of William & Mary - M.A. Accounting
East Tennessee State University - Dr. of Pharmacy
Eastern Virginia Medical School
George Mason University - M.A. International Security
George Mason University - M.S. Operational Research
George Mason University - M.S. Physiology
George Mason University - M.S. Sports Management
Jefferson College of Health Science - M.S. Physician's Assistant
Johnson University - Master of Education
LeBow College of Business - MBA
North Carolina State University - M.S. Civil Engineering
Old Dominion University - M.S. Environmental Engineering (2)
Pennsylvania College of Osteopathic Medicine
University of Richmond - Law
University of North Carolina - Ph.D. Chemistry
University of Virginia - M.S. Civil Engineering
University of Virginia - Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering
Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine (3)
Virginia Commonwealth University - Ph.D. Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering
Virginia Commonwealth University - Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
Virginia Tech - M.S. Environmental Engineering
Virginia Tech - Ph.D. Molecular Plant Science
Washington & Lee - Law
Wilkes University - M.A. Education