The Millenial Generation

Characteristics of the Millenials:

By the time of the second decade of the new millenium, college campuses will probably be less race conscious and more female dominated than ever in history.

Millennials are used to structure. They value close family ties. They have been busily engaged in homework and extracurricular activities since pre-school. They trust organizations and authority.

"The Millennials report that their parents are their heros." Your support of their career planning efforts is very important.

Millennials are more collegial by experience. They like to work together in teams to complete tasks and resolve problems.

Thumbnail Sketch of Millennial Characteristics

  • More practical, rather than cynical or passionate
  • Strong family ties; maximum parental involvement
  • More likely to trust authority
  • Less risk-taking than predecessors
  • Conventional, rather than controversial or alienated. Politics and Social Science will be hot fields of study
  • More involvement in community service/volunteerism
  • Hottest topics for debate: class and culture
  • Admissions offices will be concentrating more on male prospective students, since this sector of the college population will be dropping out in greater numbers.
  • Environmentalism will be the hot political issue, and class will outstrip race as a hot topic of debate.
  • The Millennial's views are the opposite of their Baby Boomer parents. They assert that the predominant cause of the problems in this country is "selfishness." They feel a pressure to become better than their parents.
  • Millennials are accustomed to obeying the rules. They trust organizations much more than their parents.
  • They have been programmed by their parents to a large extent, and kept extremely busy with heavy schedules of homework and extracurricular activities ever since pre-school.
  • Millennials desire social change. They want to build new and better organizations and institutions.

More information on the Millenials from PewResearchCenter