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Mrs. Ronda Dove
Administrative Assistant

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Center for Leadership & Ethics
VMI, Marshall Hall
500 Anderson Drive
Lexington, VA  24450

2011 Speakers and Presentations 

Plenary Session Speakers:
 Corbin, Jeffrey: Senior Advisor, EPA Region III Administrator (Presentation
•    Moore, Anthony: Assistant Secretary of Natural Resources (Presentation)
•    Spencer, Roy Ph. D.: Principal Research Scientist at the University of Alabama, Huntsville (Presentation
•    Venter, Dr. J.Craig, Ph. D.: Biologist
•    Wimbush, Blair: Norfolk Southern (Presentation)

Plenary Session Hosts:

Backus, COL Andrew W.: Commander, Norfolk District, US Army
•    deHart, Pieter, Ph. D.: Assistant Professor of Biology, Virginia Military Institute
•    Domenech, The Honorable Doug: Virginia Secretary of Natural Resources
•    Johnson, David: Director, VA Department of Conservation & Recreation
•    Rabern, Susan J., CAPT, USN (Retired): VMI Center for Leadership and Ethics

Breakout Session Presenters:

    Andrew, Debbie: Director of Operations, Planning & Support; Prince William County Parks (Presentation)
•    Ashley, Emily: Emergency Management Coordinator, Gloucester County
•    Atkinson, Dr. Robert: Professor of Biology, Christopher Newport University (Presentation)
•    Avrum, Emil: Dominion Resources, Richmond, VA
•    Bartlett, Randy: Fairfax County (Presentation)
•    Batiuk, Richard: Associate Director for Science, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Presentation
•    Beery, Anthony: Shenandoah Valley Dairy Farmer
•    Beisch, Doug: Williamsburg Environmental Group, Inc. (Stormwater Presentation) (LID Presentation)
•    Biddix, Wade Assistant State Conservationist, Natural Resources Conservation Service (Presentation
•    Blye, David: Environmental Standards, Inc. (Presentation)
•    Bredbenner, Bob: Warehouse Manager at Unilever (Lipton Tea) in Suffolk, Virginia
•    Brickner, Robert: Executive Vice President, Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc. (Presentation)
•    Brusso, Fred: Special Projects Administrator, City of Portsmouth
•    Bulluck, Jason: Department of Conservation and Recreation, Natural Heritage Division
•    Byrd, David W.: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
•    Cash-Robertson, Bill: Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding (Presentation)
•    Chiesa, TJ: Unilever (Lipton Tea), Suffolk, Virginia (Presentation)

•    Covington, Roy: Director of Utilities, Chesterfield County
•    Cronin, Ken: Director of General Services and Sustainability, City of Roanoke (Presentation
•    Crowe, Linda: Director of Land Protection, The Nature Conservancy of Virginia
•    Dang, Thanh: Public Works Planner, City of Harrisonburg (Presentation)
•    Daniels, W. Lee: Department of Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences, Virginia Tech (Presentation)
•    Davis, Steve: Director of Sustainable Design, VMDO Architects, P.C. (Presentation)
•    Davy, John: National Park Service, Chesapeake Bay Program
•    DeMoss, Jim: Manager, Forest Stewardship and Strategy, MeadWestvaco
•    Diefenderfer, Brian: Research Scientist, Virginia Department of Transportation (Presentation
•    Donaldson, Bridgett: VA Department of Transportation
•    Dowd, Michael: Division Director (Presentation)
•    Dunay, Professor Robert + team (Presentation)
•    Farris, Fred: Deputy Executive Director, Virginia Living Museum (Presentation)
•    Faust, Larry: Chief Animal Warden, Lynchburg Police Department
•    Ferron, Richard: Lanford Brothers, Inc. (Presentation)
•    Frisbee, Dan: City of Charlottesville (Presentation)
•    Fritz, Doug: Virginia Department of Conservation & Recreation (Presentation)
•    Frye, Jack: VA Dept. of Conservation & Recreation (Presentation)
•    Garman, Dr. Greg: C. Director, Center for Environmental Studies; VCU Rice Center (Presentation)
•    Gilinsky, Ellen: Division Director (Presentation)
•    Gilman, Aaron: SCS Field Services (Presentation)
•    Grady, Caitlin: Graduate Student, Purdue University (Presentation)
•    Hamill, Doris: NASA Langley (Presentation)
•    Hanna, Jeff: Washington and Lee University (Presentation)
•    Hardaway, Scott: Scientist, Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS)
•    Haviland, Mark: US Army Corps of Engineers, Norfolk District (Presentation)
•    Heltman, Nancy: VA State Parks (Presentation)
•    Henifin, Ted: General Manager, Hampton Roads Sanitation District (Presentation)
•    Herb, Kevin: Managing Partner with Board Run Recycling in Manassas, Virginia
•    Jaeger, Brad + team (Presentation)
•    Jasinski, Paula: President, Chesapeake Environmental Communications (Presentation)
•    Jenkins, Hunter: The  Forestland Group; Paul Young, Conservation Forestry, LLC
•    Jennings, Ann: Virginia Director, Chesapeake Bay Foundation
•    Johnson, Natalie: Coca Cola (Presentation)
•    Kleene, Wes: Director, Office of Drinking Water, Department of Health (Presentation
•    Kocka, David: District Wildlife Biologist, VA DGIF (Presentation)
•    Kumar, Sandeep Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, ODU (Presentation)
•    Lafon, Nelson: Deer Project Coordinator, VA DGIF (Presentation) (Handout)
•    Langseth, Stephen: Langseth Engineering, Lynchburg, VA (Presentation)
•    Larkin, Andrew W.: Virginia Outreach Coordinator, NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office
•    Lawson, Sarah: Consultant, Rainwater Management Solutions (Presentation)
•    Lipscomb, Alec: VA Dept. of Conservation & Recreation (Presentation)
•    Luckenbach, Mark: VIMS
•    Lunn, Walker: EnviRelation, LLC  
•    Lyons, M. Noel: President, McGill Environmental Systems (Presentation)
•    Mann, Roger Ph. D.: Director of Research, VIMS, College of William and Mary (Presentation)
•    Maounis, John: Superintendent, NPS Chesapeake Bay Office
•    Marshall, Darrell: Agricultural Stewardship Coordinator, VADACS
•    McCarthy, Gerald P.: Executive Director, Virginia Environmental Endowment
•    McGlauflin, Kathy: Senior Vice President, Project Learning Tree (Presentation)
•    McKay, Laura: Coastal Program, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (Presentation)
•    Meador, Mark: District Program Manager, VA Dept. of Conservation & Recreation
•    Middleton, Leslie: Rivanna River Basin Commission (Presentation)
•    Mills, Robert S.: AIA, CID, NCARB, Principal, Commonwealth Architects
•    Moerner, Lisa: C.  Dominion Virginia Power (Presentation)
•    Mull, Katherine: Dan River Basin (Presentation)
•    O’Brien, Dave: NOAA (Presentation)
•    Olah, Stan: Chief, Wintergreen Police Department (Presentation)
•    O'Reilly, Rob: VMRC (Presentation)
•    Parece, Tammy: Graduate Student, Virginia Tech (Presentation)
•    Pollock, Allan: VA Dept. of Environmental Quality (Presentation
•    Pomeroy, Chris: AquaLaw PLC (Presentation)
•    Porter, Andrew: Dam Neck Naval Base (Presentation
•    Rainville, Lynn: Director, Tusculum Institute, Sweet Briar College (Presentation)
•    Reynolds, Neville: Principal/Williamsburg, VA Office Manager, VHB
•    Sawant, Aniket: Senior Scientist, O’Brien & Gere (Presentation)
•    Seaborn, Don: Principle, Angler Environmental (Presentation
•    Sedgley, Dick: AquaLaw (Presentation)
•    Shoch, David: TerraCarbon, LLC; Greg Meade, Forester, The Nature Conservancy of Virginia
•    Simmons, William "Gus": Vice President & Director of Engineering, Cavanaugh & Associates (Loyd Farm Presentation)
•    Soeder, Daniel J.: U.S. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory (Presentation)
•    Staber, George: Staunton (Presentation)
•    Starke, T. Mayes: Senior Technical Consultant, Georgia-Pacific, LLC (Presentation)
•    Steers, Jeffrey: Division Director (Presentation)
•    Stephens, Julio: SustainABILITY Coordinator, Radford University (Presentation)
•    Stern, Marc J. Ph. D.: Dept. of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation, VT (Presentation)  
•    Stiedel, Bob: City of Richmond (Presentation)
•    Stoneman, Wilmer: Associate Director of Governmental Relations, Farm Bureau Federation
•    Taylor, Jim: MeadWestvaco (Presentation)
•    Thomason, Wade: Virginia Tech (Presentation)
•    Tribo, Jenny:Hampton Roads Planning District Commission (Presentation)
•    Tune, Elizabeth: VA Department of Historic Resources
•    Varner, Shannon: Troutman Sanders
•    Wampler, Carol: Renewable Energy Policy Manager (Presentation)
•    Wenclawiak, Mark: O’Brien and Gere (Presentation)
•    Widell, Cherilyn: Historic Preservation Officer, Ft. Monroe Authority (Presentation)
•    Wiggins, Hal: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, CENAO-REG, Fredericksburg Field Office (Presentation) (LID Paper
•    Williamson, Charles: Prince William County (Presentation)
•    Willis, Dean: Environmental Engineer at Lockheed Martin in Manassas, Virginia (Presentation)
•    Woodworth, Laurel: Stormwater and Watershed Planner, Center for Watershed Protection (Presentation)

Hosts/Moderators of Breakout Sessions:

•    Carter, Bob: VA Dept. of Historic Resources
•    Collins, Claire A.: Administrator, Rockbridge County
•    Decker, Stephen: Environmental Scientist, USACE – Norfolk District
•    deHart, Pieter: Assistant Professor of Biology, VMI
•    Dowd, Mike: Director DEQ Air Division
•    Duncan, Bob: Director, Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VA DGIF)
•    Evans, Kristen Hughes: Chesapeake Bay Foundation
•    Faggert, Pamela: Dominion
•    French, Chris: Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay
•    Gilinsky, Ellen: Ph. D., Water Division Director, VA Dept. of Environmental Quality
•    Goetz, LTC Amy: Assistant Director, Communications and Marketing, Virginia Military Institute
•    Gunnarson, David: Environmental Engineer at Lockheed Martin in Manassas, Virginia
•    Haley, Mark A.: Director, Hopewell Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility
•    Hollberg, Sara: Planner, Valley Conservation Council (Presentation)
•    Hough, COL David: VMI
•    Idewu, Maj. Wakeel: Ph.D., VMI
•    Jennings, Ann: Virginia Executive Director, Chesapeake Bay Foundation
•    Kilpatrick, Kathleen S.: Director and State Preservation Officer, VDHR
•    Lerch, Joe: Virginia Municipal League
•    Lipford Michael: State Director, The Nature Conservancy of Virginia
•    Lobo, Sarah: Environmental Engineer, Lockheed Martin
•    Lohr, Matt: Commissioner, VA Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services
•    Meehan, Alison: DCR Floodplain Management Program
•    Miles, Zoë: Public Affairs Manager, Georgia-Pacific Big Island, LLC
•    Moore II, Tim: PhD, PE, VMI
•    Mullen, Grigg: VMI
•    Regn, Ann Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
•    Richardson, Jeanne: Environmental Scientist, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-Norfolk District
•    Riester, CAPT John "Ned" Jr., USN (Retired), Professor and Chair, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, VMI
•    Robertson, Peyton: Director of NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office
•    Salvati, Joan: VA Dept. of Conservation & Recreation (Presentation)
•    Sappington, Alyson Thomas Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District (TJSWCD)
•    Travelstead, Jack: VMRC
•    Turner, Howard: Trane
•    Weed, Al: Public Policy Virginia
•    Weeks, Rick: Deputy Director, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
•    Wilkinson, Jeb: Deputy Director, Department of Conservation and Recreation
•    Wu, Megan: Regional Officer, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability USA (Presentation)
•    Younos, Dr. Tamim: Cabell Brand Center

Please see our 2010 slate of environmental leaders: EV2010 Speakers.

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