2010 Conference Workshops

 21st Century Warfare I:  Cyberwar 

How vulnerable is the Internet to virtual and physical attack? Could the Internet be used to launch a major attack on the nation's infrastructure?  What steps are the military and private sector taking to reduce vulnerabilities and prevent future attacks? How much control may the government need to exert over civilian networks?

 21st Century Warfare II:  Use of Drones  

The workshop will examine the current use of drones in warfare, their expected future use, and the ethical/moral implications of their use on the battlefield.

 Cheating & Honor 

The workshop will examine the behavioral and psychological underpinnings of cheating and how it infects an academic environment at the core. Participants will get a close-up view of what goes on inside the closed academic environment as cheating takes hold.

 Operation Anaconda and the Battle of Roberts Ridge: Virtual Leadership Staff Ride 

Using historical documents, maps, photographs, memoirs, and videos to re-visit a battlefield remote in place and time, participants will examine tactical decision-making, unit cohesion, and the fog of war, especially as related to terrain.  Participants will be guided through an analysis of the battle, stopping at key decision points to pose questions.

 Role & Place of Dissent in Leadership 

The role and place of dissent in leadership has taken on expanded meaning and urgency in the past 10 years.  The workshop will examine the history and nature of dissent along with the steps strategic leaders take when making weighty decisions. In a hierarchical military organization, obedience and loyalty have been described as the highest military virtues.  Given the importance of these virtues to an effective military organization, are there situations in which members of the military should express their dissent to policies and orders?  If these situations exist, what are they characterized by? And to whom obedience and loyalty is ultimately owed? If dissent is to be allowed, what are the grounds for it and what  form should it take?" 

 Leadership through Athletics 

The workshop is designed to bridge the schism between athletes and non-athletes by illustrating how athletics serves to provide opportunities to develop and exercise leadership skills.