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Tuesday, Session One - Gillis Theater

The Low Hanging Fruit of Penetration Testing
Bryan Miller

As a penetration tester and business owner I am often asked, “Why should I pay you to break into my network?” In fact, there are probably as many reasons for performing a penetration test as there are for NOT performing a penetration test. This presentation will explain the definition of penetration testing and give some reasons for and against performing such tests. We will examine some of the issues involved in deciding whether to perform penetration testing using internal staff or an outside vendor.

The concept of Low Hanging Fruit (LHF) will be defined and the benefits of performing penetration tests to discover LHF discussed. The presentation will end with a list of LHF that I repeatedly discover at almost every organization where I test. The ultimate goal of the presentation is to help you find and eliminate the LHF in your computing environment. 

(Click here to download the presentation)