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VMI Fitness Test

VMI Fitness Testing Program is under the supervision of the Commandant's Office.  Its objective is to achieve and maintain a standard of physical strength and endurance which will ensure a well-conditioned cadet corps.  All cadets are required to take the VFT each semester.

Using the links to the right, this10-week training program to help prepare you for the VMI Physical Fitness Test (VFT).  This is a general program intended to be used as a guideline.  You may need to make adjustments with regard to the intensity, duration, and frequency of training based on your individual fitness level

Prior to any exercise session it is recommended that you warm up properly and perform a full-body stretching routine.  Consult your physical education teacher if you have any questions with regard to a stretching program.

It is recommended that you train all of the testing components on the same day and in the order that they are administered (pull-ups, sit-ups, and 2,400 meters).  However, if time is a factor and you cannot train all components on the same day, then do them on separate days.  It is important that each fitness component is trained three days per week on a consistent basis.  Furthermore, it is recommended that you periodically pick a day (preferably a Saturday or Sunday) and give yourself the fitness test to evaluate your progress.

Push-ups are not part of the fitness test; however, they are required as part of training for the Rat Line.  You can perform the push-ups on the same days you train pull-ups, sit-ups, and the run, or you can perform them on alternate days. 


Event Men Women
Pull-ups 5 1
Sit-ups 60 60
2,400 meter run 12:30 minutes 14:20 minutes

For specific fitness standards and additional information visit military.com.