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Program Contacts

Michelle McCusker, General Chair

Dan Adler, Volunteer Manager

Col. Jim Turner Ph.D.  
Chair, VMI Service Committee 
VMI | Lexington, VA 24450 

P: 540-464-7436 
F: 540-464-7047

Cadet Service Leadership Program

The VMI Rotaract Club is a student-run community service and leadership organization, sponsored at VMI by Omicron Delta, that strives to promote and encourage a spirit of service through leadership and to connect service with learning at the Virginia Military Institute. Rotaract is a new initiative of Rotary International designed to encourage young adult leaders to get involved in community service activities.

The VMI Rotaract Club is chartered by the Lexington Sunrise Rotary Club. The overall goals of Rotaract are to provide professional and leadership development, as well as involvement in service programs.

You may also contact the following people for more information about volunteering:

Service Program Opportunities Available

Volunteer Locally (Nabors Service League)

Nabors Service League

Local VolunteersThe Nabors Service League (NSL) is a student-run community service organization that strives to promote and encourage a spirit of service and to connect service with learning.

NSL also is a network--or umbrella organization--connecting large numbers of potential volunteers from varied backgrounds and with memberships in a number of student clubs and organizations. Through the Nabors Network, NSL upholds its commitment to empower and assist, not to direct or control other campus organizations’ service initiatives. NSL strives to bring together service-oriented individuals to discuss the needs of the Lexington and Rockbridge communities and how Washington and Lee University and Virginia Military Institute can help to meet those needs.

Our mission:
•To promote and encourage a spirit of service and to connect service with learning through the productive use of an individual's talents and interests.
•To engender an awareness of and an interest in current social, political and economic discussion.
•To offer opportunities for students to acquire skills and qualities of character that dispose them to serve communities and disadvantaged individuals.
•To bring together service-oriented individuals to discuss the needs of the Lexington and Rockbridge communities and how Washington and Lee and Virginia Military Institute can help to meet those needs.
•To aid in the development of conscientious leaders in matters of civic and social citizenship.

Get Involved - TO VOLUNTEER
Create a volunteer profile which will facilitate a contact from one of our student leaders

Volunteer Opportunities

Our Committee:
General Chair, Kendre Barnes '13 (W&L) and Michelle McCusker '14 (VMI)
Volunteer Manager, Caroline Hamp '15 (W&L)
Special Projects Co-Chairs, Kathryn Marsh- Soloway '13 (W&L), Hunter Harvey '14 (VMI) and Natsumi Alvarez '15 (W&L)
Issue Awareness Co-Chairs, Grace Lee '15 (W&L) and Myrna Barrera '15 (W&L)
Adolescents Chair, Alyssa Hardnett '14 (W&L)
Children Chair, Lacy McAlister '14 (W&L)
Elderly Chair, Meredith Campbell '15 (W&L)

Volunteer with a Cadet Life Service Club

VMI Service Clubs

BloodmobileCadets are encouraged to participate in an extracurricular activity of their choice.  Each club is run by a Cadet-in-Charge (CIC). Contact the Office of Cadet Life for information on joining an existing club or starting a new club. 

  • Bloodmobile
  • Children's Academic and Life Mentor Club
  • Cadet Peer Educators
  • Character Counts – Chaplain Park
  • Emergency Response Team
  • Firefighters
  • Rescue Squad
  • Recycling
  • FTX Service Weekends
  • Special Olympics
  • VMI Special Olympics Half-marathon/10K Torch Run

To Volunteer Contact
Chris Perry,

Volunteer Internationally During the Summer or Spring Break

Keydets Without Borders

 The Mission of Keydets Without Borders is to combine the efforts of interested students in all majors in a collaborative effort to enhance the living conditions of developing areas worldwide. Through this effort, students will increase their global perspective, work as a team to design and implement sustainable engineering and humanitarian solutions to poverty, and gain hands on experience applying their skills and talents towards the common good.

 VMI Keydets Without Borders Website

VMI Keydets Without Borders Blog

To Volunteer Contact

Faculty Advisor: Maj. Tim Moore

President: Cadet Thomas Battiata

Marketing Advisor: Elizabeth Moore   

Bolivia Program



Haiti Program


During VMI’s spring furlough, cadets will travel to Zoranger, a village located just northwest of Port au Prince, Haiti, to assist Foundation Manmo (FM), which provides schooling and health care to the villagers, to develop a plot of land for agriculture, said assistant professor of civil engineering Maj. Tim Moore ’97, faculty adviser for the chapter. 

Cadets will also be working to provide preliminary assessments of the land for construction of water and wastewater facilities, a health clinic, a day school and an orphanage. The residents of Zoranger are people who fled Port au Prince after the earthquake in 2010.  

“Our relationship with FM will be a sustainable relationship, and the project will take many years to complete,” says Moore. “Therefore, cadets will have the opportunity for many years to be a part of the development of FM and Zoranger."

 VMI Keydets Without Borders Website

VMI Keydets Without Borders Blog

To Volunteer Contact

 Contact: Maj. Tim Moore

Other International Programs:

Guatemala Program

Troy with Child  

A six member medical team consisting of a primary care physician, an optometrists, nurses, & support staff will diagnose & treat acute & chronic conditions such as upper respiratory congestion & infections, & ocular diseases in the community. They will dispense medicine & vitamins to improve the health of the individuals treated. 

To reduce the upper respiratory congestion & infections a team of volunteers will install 150 Oil stoves in village homes. This team will teach local villagers how to maintain the Oil stoves and Mayan construction workers will taught how to assemble, install, & maintain the Oil stoves. 

To help village children that are developmentally delayed, have autism spectrum disorder, or are at-risk learning disabled. A team of Special Education Program Development (SEPD) teachers will train & provide materials for local teachers and educators in improved teaching methods.

To Volunteer Contact

Service/Mentoring Opportunities Sponsored by the VMI Chaplain

Faith Based OpportunitiesCharacter Counts Program – Offered by cadets throughout the year at middle and elementary schools in the Lexington area, Presentations are made concerning the pillars of character. Approximately 20 staff and 35 cadets are engaged in the program.

NYC Urban Ministries – A spring break experience for approximately 10-15 cadets to participate in ministry to the needy and homeless in New York City.

To Volunteer Contact

Col. James Park, Chaplain




Serve Nationally in an Impoverished Area During the Summer - Shepherd Poverty Program

Shepherd Poverty Program

Community (local and national) service learning opportunities to serve those living in poverty situations. National summer internship opportunities are available to VMI cadets who have taken the “Poverty and Human Capability” course at VMI.

 Download Poverty Program Fact Sheet

Shepherd Poverty Program Website

For More Information Contact:

Internships: Col. Sam Ratcliffe

Course Professor: Duncan Richter

Volunteer with the Timber Framers Guild

Timber FramersAn organization consisting of engineering and other interested students dedicated to establishing training programs for professional and beginning timber framers, disseminating information about timber framing and timber frame building design, displaying the art of timber framing to the public, and the building of timber-framed structures throughout the community.

To Volunteer Contact:

Col. Grigg Mullen