Consultations & Referrals 

The professional counselors on staff at the Center for Cadet Counseling are available for consultations with members of the VMI community which includes parents, faculty, staff, and cadets. It is important to note that all counseling information is confidential and may only be shared with the express consent of a cadet. Care is taken with every consultation to make note of any concerns shared and to respond informatively within the bounds of client confidentiality. Consultations may result in coordinating referrals for support or specializing services on Post, locally or near a cadet’s home.

Faculty might find this resource helpful: "Recognizing and Responding to Students in Distress:  A Faculty Handbook".

If you are concerned about a member of the VMI community and wish to consult with one of our Institute Counselors, please contact our office by phone at 540-464-7667.


If you are an employee who wishes to receive referrals to outside providers, please click visit our Employee Assistance page.