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AC101 and AC102 is a new sequence of courses designed specifically to facilitate success for new cadets in their first-year academic program. Academics 101 (AC101) and Academics 102 (AC102) were offered as pilot courses in Fall 2012 and based on the initial data were extended through Fall 2015 for a select group of new cadets. Lt. Col. Elaine Humphrey, Director, Miller Academic Center will teach both courses with a team of faculty members and successful upper-class cadets. The cadets will serve as facilitators for small group activities and role models for navigating the VMI academic program. A number of the cadets successfully completed the courses in and were selected to serve in this very special leadership role.


AC101 will meet the first five weeks of the semester with a strategic focus on academic success during the Ratline through an emphasis on effective time management and study skills. AC101 class members will have dedicated time every Monday to create daily, weekly, and monthly to-do lists with a specific plan to accomplish those tasks recorded in their Cadet Success Planner. Mondays will also focus on effective study skills and other academic strategies. On Wednesdays, there will be discussion and activities about the role and responsibilities of college students in general and VMI cadets in particular to include how they differ from those of high school students. This discussion will be led by a team of faculty members from various disciplines. Small group activities and discussions on Fridays will be led by successful upper-class cadets who can provide VMI-specific insights and strategies and serve as role models and inspiration for the AC Rats.


Building on the skills and knowledge acquired in AC101, AC102 will meet the final five weeks of the semester. AC102 class members will evaluate their success in implementing study strategies and seeking assistance from VMI academic support resources. The second course in the sequence will emphasize effective approaches to comprehensive exams in college and continued academic success after the Ratline. The format will be similar to AC101.

There will be two sections of the courses. One section will meet Mondays and Fridays from 0800-0850 and the second section will meet also on Mondays and Fridays from 1400-1450.



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