Civil & Environmental Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering Department Enrollment Data

2014-2015 Academic Year
(Beginning of the Fall Semester)
Freshmen (Fourth Class) 57
Sophomore (Third Class) 56
Junior (Second Class) 67
Senior (First Class) 71
Total 251  

Graduation Data

56 students graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering from 1 July 2013 through 30 June 2014

Civil Engineering is the oldest of the engineering professions, broadest in scope, and parent of all other branches of engineering.  The curriculum  includes courses that permit our graduates to pursue any of the specialty areas in Civil Engineering.  Cadets may choose to concentrate in one of  the sub disciplines of Civil Engineering or select courses across all topic areas for a more general focus. 

High School Preparation

Prepare by taking the full college preparatory program augmented by as many math and science courses as your schedule permits. Courses in engineering drawing (drafting) and computer programming are recommended, but they should not be taken in lieu of elements of the college preparatory sequence.






Cadet Roads Web

Roads of the Future

VMI’s transportation planning and design course is preparing cadets for the challenge of updating America’s transportation infrastructure in a way that is efficient, innovative, and safe.

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Code for our Time

Code for Our Time

The project is part of a larger effort by Mullen, a timber framing expert, to contribute to the knowledge base of that ancient art so information about the load-bearing capability of beams can be included in modern building codes.

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CLEAR Lab Open

The goal of the “CLEAR” lab is to find organic alternative energy sources that are bioengineered to produce the smallest amount of pollutants possible.

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concrete lab web

Quake-proof Material

Donnie Martin has drawn upon his family’s background in missionary work and added in his own aptitude for engineering to come up with a construction proposal that could someday save thousands of lives in earthquake-prone areas.

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VWEA Design

Cadets Win Design Contest

Like David defeating Goliath, five VMI cadets were stunned when they claimed victory over a team of graduate students in a wastewater treatment design competition.

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warcewicz honors

Learn & Apply Honors Project

Can a cheap and readily available resource, such as sand, be used to provide clean water in developing countries where water itself may be scarce and clean water broadly unavailable?

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