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Substance Abuse Assessment

The CCC provides alcohol assessment and education for cadets. These assessments can be voluntary or as a result of an alcohol related penalty. Each assessment is individualized and based on the particular cadet’s needs.

VMI has a strict zero-tolerance policy regarding alcohol. When a cadet receives an alcohol penalty (i.e. an A1 or A5) a substance abuse intake is the minimum requirement for compliance. Additional substance abuse services may be recommended by a licensed counselor. Cadets, if you receive an alcohol penalty, contact the Center for Cadet Counseling at (540) 464-7667 to schedule your substance abuse intake appointment.

The Center for Cadet Counseling offers voluntary substance abuse services. Making changes prior to suffering from legal, academic, or VMI disciplinary consequences is strongly encouraged. To schedule a voluntary substance abuse assessment, contact our office at (540) 464-7667.


The CCC offers online self assessments that are free and anonymous. You can answer the questions yourself or to help you better understand the needs of another cadet or roommate. After completing the assessment, you may want to discuss the results further. Visit to check out these resources. Please contact our office, 540-464-7667, to schedule an appointment. Note that these assessments are to help evaluate causes for concern and are not a diagnostic tool.


This brief training is created to guide you through the policies at VMI for cadets, faculty/staff and to provide you with related health information. For more information on Alcohol, Tobacco, or other drugs, contact our office at 540-464-7667 or stop by the VMI infirmary.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Training