Academic Advising

Cadet Athlete Development

 Registrar's Office
Teresa Evans
Administrative Assistant

P:  (540) 464-7213
F:  (540) 464-7726

Virginia Military Institute
303 Shell Hall
Lexington, VA  24450

Role of the Advisor

The faculty advisor assists the cadet in the exploration and clarification of academic, career and life goals.  The advisor mentors the cadet and helps him or her develop a plan to accomplish objectives in each area.  The advisor supports and challenges the cadet in an effort to increase confidence and self-sufficiency over the four year process, making clear to the cadet that she or he has the primary responsibility for managing his or her education.       

In order to mentor, support and challenge advisees, the advisor will: 

  • Monitor cadet academic progress via face-to-face and electronic interaction 

  • Mentor cadet by providing accurate and timely information in a professional and friendly manner 

  • Review the Program Evaluation, periodically and in response to cadet inquiry  

  • Refer cadets to VMI support services, as needed 

  • Maintain regular office hours  

  • Attend relevant advisor development opportunities 

  • Remain current on standards and regulations which impact cadet  

  • Encourage cadets to take responsibility for accomplishing all goals by requiring increasing levels of pre-advising cadet preparation and self-monitoring over the course of the cadetship  

  • Make a reasonable attempt to follow-up with absentee cadets