McDowell Scholarship

Through the generosity of Robert L. McDowell, VMI class of 1968 and former member of the VMI Board of Visitors, and his wife, Melissa S. McDowell, the department is proud to offer the Andrew L. McDowell Scholarship in Economics and Business. This scholarship is available to cadets majoring in economics and business. It is based primarily on academic excellence, although other factors such as need, character, extracurricular activities and leadership may be considered. Applications for this scholarship are accepted during the spring semester for awards to be made the following academic year.

Andrew L. McDowell was born in Surrey, England, on 8 November, 1918, as his parents were emigrating from Ireland to Canada.  The family eventually came to the U.S., settling in Albany, N.Y.  Mr. McDowell served in the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II and after the war married Dorothy L. Sheffield, raising a son and daughter together.  He retired from a career in the metals refining industry in 1966, and spent the last 21 years of his life in the travel industry.  He was extremely well-read, loved history and considered education a lifetime responsibility, graduating from college at the age of 74!  With his son’s entry into VMI as a member of the class of 1968, he became a strong supporter of the Institute.  Mr. McDowell passed away on 2 July, 1997, after living a life focused on a love of God, family and country.  He was truly a person who lived by the words found on the VMI 1968 Class Ring – “Honor Above Self”.

McDowell Scholarship Application

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