Partnership Schools

Army Reserve Office Training Corps (ROTC) is available at Washington and Lee University, Southern Virginia University and Virginia Women's Institute for Leadership / Mary Baldwin College students through a partnership program with the Virginia Military Institute. Partnership students are able to take Army ROTC courses for college credit that teach students valuable skills in leadership and increase marketability in later career searches. As a member of Army ROTC, you can compete for three and two-year scholarships that provide tuition, books and a monthly stipend.

The first two years of the course are at no commitment to you. Students simply take courses and participate in training. Students are eligible to enter the program and still receive a commission upon graduation all the way up until the fall semester of their junior year. It is never too late to join the program during the semester either.

Skills learned through Army ROTC include rifle marksmanship, rappelling and land navigation but the most important may be leadership. Fortune 500 companies are taking junior officers out of the military at an alarming rate and putting them in to high paying managerial positions due to the leadership skills gained in ROTC and in the Army. No matter how good your resume is, adding that you are or were an Army Officer to it can do nothing but improve your position with a future employer.

For more information, contact:

Mr. Thomas Atkinson
Phone: 540-464-7680

Army ROTC information will also be available during freshman orientation.

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